UFO Sightings and Videos: Are They Fake or Genuine?

Extraterrestrials have been identified through strange shadows in the sky, flying saucers, or even unusual marks left on fields. Countless of UFO sightings have been reported by different individuals around the world over the years. Unidentified flying objects or UFOs have been involved in many conspiracies and controversies. Nobody can actually prove how true they are since nearly all traces disappear throughout the course of history. While many would find UFO and alien stories true, many others are still in doubt. So, how will you know if you see something extraordinary? Here are some incidences that will serve as your reference.

McMinnville UFO
McMinnville UFO (Oregon)


  1. A UFO appeared on the lens of the camera from an Oregon farmer couple in May 1950. According to wife Evelyn Trent, she first saw the object before it sped off out of their view. Evelyn described the object as a silvery, metallic disk.
  1. Most UFO sightings happened near US Air Force bases, so it has been many times mentioned in UFO sighting reports. Perhaps, the most popular until today is still the Edward’s Air Force Base Sighting. An astronaut, at the same time a test pilot, filmed a classic saucer. The UFO was a silver and a smooth saucer that was approximately 30 feet in diameter. It had 3 legs that believed to be a landing gear. However, as the witness was about to submit the photo, it apparently disappeared.
  1. A group of friends claimed they saw glowing, diamond shaped object that was about the size of a water tower blocking their way. Known as the Piney Woods Sighting, it brought emotional, mental and physical trauma to the group due to chemical poisoning in the area. They claimed to have seen helicopters escorting the UFO away from them.

Some have attributed these incidences to government conspiracy, but nobody knows what these occurrences tell, and one can only guess.

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  1. While I have no doubt that a number of reported and/or filmed UFO sightings are of genuinely unknown objects, I cannot ignore the discrepancy between all those pictures of perfectly focused, saucer-shaped objects that were taken in the 1950s and 60s with the almost total absence of similarly decent pictures taken today. Today, photographs and videos routinely taken by amateurs have a clarity virtually impossible to have been achieved decades ago. Surely one would think that this would result in similarly sharp, unambiguous pictures of UFOs. And yet, for the most part, today’s shots have none of the clarity that they did ages ago, at a time when amateur photographic equipment had none of the sophistication it has today. It is difficult not to draw the conclusion that the vast majority of those pictures from the pre-digital age are probably fakes.

  2. how will you know when you see something extraordinary? YOU JUST KNOW. that’s all i can say. it’s basic and simple. you will JUST KNOW. you can’t make someone believe or describe what you see convincingly to someone until they also witness a ufo. i have seen 4. i knew what they were.

  3. If only those who control the zeitgeist of humanity would reveal the truth, there would be no mass unrest. Like subconscious de’javu of the distant past when humans consorted with extraterrestrials, religions and sciences would have common ground. Modern scientist want their model of human evolution to follow paradigms which are still based on an antiquated view of pseudo religious origins. They have tried to convince modern human civilization they are the only and highest level evolvement of all species that came before. Human history has NOT followed a linear progression but is punctuated with
    entire epoch where extraterrestrial intervention has resulted in spurts and decline of the human species. It must be recognized that humanity in only one small expression of planetary surface habitation and there are far older, extremely evolved species that remain unnoticed below the surface and deep seas of Earth

  4. The problem is that so many people either believe or dismiss what is posted online without corroborated evidence that rumour will overtake truth. If they saw it themselves they would change their mind instantly but there is so much junk on the net and youtube with no times, dates, places or corroborated reports. When you read a UFO book the author spends ages verifying and cross referencing reports before they publish. On the net you can post anything!

  5. Yes I do believe there are ufo’s out there, as I caught on my tab when I took a photo of the morning sunset, on the 5th March 2015, shame it wasn’t a video, S Harper Birmingham uk

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