Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth


Richard D. Hall’s no nonsense expose of the facts behind the modern day crop circle phenomenon cuts through the pseudo science, the rumours and the disinformation leaving the viewer with a clear picture of the true situation. The film features the most objective British crop circle researchers in the business: David Cayton, Robert Hulse and Roy Dutton. Until now, their work has been kept largely out of the public eye, and is unleashed in this extremely telling and poignant documentary which leaves no stone unturned. The evidence presented will leave you in no doubt that there are two entirely exclusive instigators of the modern day crop circle phenomenon, one of which is non human. The results are chilling and could change your view of the way you see the world’s media organisations and the powers that control them.

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  1. I can get a better crop circle effect with a 4 inch diameter 3 ft long pipe because the pipes contour doesn’t damage plants when used.

  2. Great investigating. But as usual it’s typical government cover-up and contol. When will the citizens learn this lesson. Stand up and do something about it, instead of immersing yourself in reality tv, the celebs and idol sports!!

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