Did Dogon Tribe Get Their Detailed Knowledge of The Sirius From Ancient Aliens?

dogon tribe

The vast universe continuous to amaze our current knowledge. Skeptics and proponents of the ancient alien theories have been facing the challenges for decades regarding the alleged detailed astronomical knowledge of the Dogon tribe.

There are a number of arguments concerning the tribe from Mali, Africa and its reported knowledge of the motions of the star even without the use of modern telescopes.

Sirius, being the brightest star in the sky, had been part of many ancient cultures. Located approximately 8.7 light years from Earth, Sirius has white dwarf star companion called Sirius B, which is invisible to the naked eye. Astronomers first thought of its existence in the 1830s. These scientists developed a mathematical theoretical model of its orbit around Sirius, now known as Sirius A, later in the 19th century.

The astronomers thought that Sirius B must be a super-dense matter, but specifics were beyond their knowledge until the arrival of quantum physics in 1926. In 1894, irregular movement of Sirius B made astronomers think that a third star, Sirius C, may exist. They suspected that a third star exert an influence on the orbit of Sirius B. It is still not clear whether Sirius C exists or not.

The Dogon are believed to have known Sirius before astronomers started contemplating its existence. For the Dogon, Sirius is a three-star system. They even described Sirius B accurately saying that it is a companion star for Sirius that is not visible from Earth. The tribe further explained that Sirius B has a 50-year orbital period, and it travels around Sirius A along an elliptical path. They allegedly have known that it is made of a dense substance not found on Earth.

The Dogon are also thought to have understood that planets, including Earth, rotate on their axes and orbit around the sun. The tribe also said to have known that Jupiter has four moons and Saturn has a ring around it.

Astronomy professor at Sacramento City College Liam McDaid and famed astronomer Carl Sagan concluded that the Dogon’s advanced knowledge of Sirius, particularly Sirius B, must have come from modern Western culture. The theory believes that the Dogon got the advanced knowledge of Sirius B from anthropological accounts of Dr. Germaine Dieterlen and Dr. Marcel Griaule, who visited the tribe together in the 1930s.

However, the book “The Sirius Mystery,” by Robert Temple suggests an ancient alien theory as an explanation of the detailed knowledge of the Dogon. During an interview for a BBC special, the author presented a 400-year-old Dogon artifact representing the three stars of the Sirius system. In another interview during “Talk Psychic” show, Temple said that the Dogon would tell anyone that their ancestors were given the information from someone coming from the system of the star Sirius.

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  1. why even the question “did they’ obviously yes they did as they demonstrate, next topic please.?.? ..not read article no point

  2. Sirius beings are salamander type amphibians who live in water most of the time call themselves “OS”.When they met Dogon tribe first time they said “Nammos” which means “I am OS” but Dogon people took this whole sentence as a word and hence they still call Sirius people as “Nammos” however their name is “OS”.

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