Data Visualization Map Shows UFO Sightings Since 1933

UFO sightings map

A data viz shows UFO sightings in sequence since 1933 through little blinking lights over a world map. MBA candidate Christian Pearson created the data visualization graphic using web-based software and National UFO reporting center’s data. The intergalactic graphic is part of QuantBait, an initiative that Pearson wants to tell stories through visualization about issues in politics, economics, and society.

Pearson said that the UFO sighting map was a fun way to convey the idea that great data visualization can offer profound insights. Upon careful examination of the map, one can notice that UFO sightings were at their peak around the 1950s and 1960s.

In the U.S., some of them may be due to the CIA’s U-2 program, an air surveillance initiative during Cold War, active from 1954 to 1974. The program involved C.I.A’s testing of spy aircraft at Area 51, a highly guarded military facility in Nevada that has also been the subject of several extra-terrestrial conspiracy theories. Pearson said that the map also features data records of more recent sightings.

Pearson noted that it’s wrong to assume UFO sightings only happen in isolated, rural areas. The map clearly shows that large number of sighting reports took place in urban areas.

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  1. what a joke. nothing in canada? you cannot tell me people here never report them. contrary to all the canadian videos that show up on this site? what are we a second class country? what a crock. other countries are left out too.

  2. Great idea. Needs a bit of work on it though. And perhaps one day be able to show all those people who have had “location devices” inplanted so we can monitor “hyrid program” more closely.

  3. This doesn’t show any in the town in Florida that I live in. and there have been dozens. We even have our own “Top Secret” Air Force airfield (trespassers will be shot on site) that is purported to hold a UFO

  4. If your area isn’t listed…then read the time code…it says the sightings that flashes are color coded to the time of sightings..30 seconds 15 minutes ago…..I’m amazed at the flashes over my home town..that means right I write this..UFO’s are sighted right above me..That is a little frightening. Wait a minute..that is a big huge amount of frightening…and no I don’t think I want to go out side and look up.

  5. There are NewZealand and Australia missed out some of the best sightings and first encounters in these two countrys .

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