Massive Space Objects Seen Hiding Behind the Moon

ufos behind the moon

Officials are left baffled by the reason of the mysterious docking of several extraterrestrial objects on the opposite side of the moon, according to a government whistleblower. An outside consultant for the NASA and NSA for the past 12 years, Dr. Eric Norton, was tasked to investigate various space objects, such as meteors and comets. Recently, he has been tracking outside his job instruction as he followed various unknown aircraft heading towards Earth.

MacDonald Observatory in Texas called Dr. Norton on January 22, 2012. This was the time Norton saw three dimensional black structures in space that were gigantic. They were in straight line formation moving towards Earth. They emitted some kind of a force field that served as their protection from space particles. The force field was somewhat the same magnetic field around the Earth.

The mysterious space objects were getting so near that their telescopes could see their features in high detail. The strange structures were reportedly shaped as a three dimensional L-shaped craft. In January 2013 tracking of the unidentified objects, they were seen approximately 200,000 miles past the planet Mars. They then disappeared almost instantaneously from the observers’ lenses as if these objects activated their invisibility shield in just a matter of seconds.

Norton said that he knew that the high-ranking officials of the government were worried about these objects because he was under a 24/7 guard by Secret Service agents. However, Norton admitted that he has no idea right now if these things are already closer to Earth or still in the solar system.

Norton was sent home and told to wait additional order, but he heard nothing about the objects for around six months until he made a call to a close friend. He was updated that the objects appeared again and repositioned behind the moon in a circular type of alignment this time. Their position reportedly allowed them to dock to the backside of the moon in order to stay invisible to sky observers.

Norton said that that this information has been hidden to the public to prevent the breakdown of all religions and society itself. He also revealed that the space objects are changing the magnetic waves in the Earth’s gravitation field. If this suggestion is true, then it could have implications to our brains. For example, Schumann Resonance could get affected by a slight change in the magnetic field.

Schumann Resonance frequencies are believed to derive from pure love or Christ Consciousness. Perhaps, the change in the magnetic waves in our planet’s gravitational field may open up our minds to the fullest collective capacity where our hidden abilities may be discovered, including ESP, telekinesis and other metaphysical or psychic abilities.

The Earth is currently experiencing a magnetic pole shift, which has not happened at least 700,000 years of this planet. Perhaps, these UFOs have something to do with it? Many people have been theorizing that the moon is a large satellite, so it might be the creators of it have returned.

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  1. How can they know what’s on the other side of the Moon? We can’t see behind it, and nothing we have is out that far, certainly the Hubble Telescope can’t see it either, I’m calling B.S. on this.

    • there’s stuff from us all over the place. in fact we have a probe going to Mercury right now, there’s one near Pluto and of course you’ve heard of rovers on Mars? the probe we launched in the 80’s has left out solar system. the moon is also mapped entirely. joeboken i’ve seen you here many times,i’m very surprised with your statement. i’m not saying there are things on the moon either. just saying we have man-made space stuff everywhere.

      • Yeah, but I seriously doubt they are powerful enough to see what’s behind the Moon, they weren’t built for that purpose.

      • Also, the moon was mapped years ago, by craft specifically designed for that purpose. I have not heard of any probe around the Moon at present that would be able to detect what’s on the other side. Those other probes you mentioned have not been built for the purpose of seeing the other side of the Moon, they are on different missions entirely.

      • Janet, really, a Mercury probe seeing the dark side of the Moon on it’s way to Mercury? Really? It’s not built for that purpose, and neither are the probe near Pluto, or the rovers on Mars, which are way too far away anyway to see what’s on the other side of the Moon, the Earth from Mars is hardly visible. However I did find out we do have lunar orbiters up there at the present time, but I’m still calling B.S. on this story, it’s just ridiculous.

      • Really people? You haven’t heard of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter?
        Or China’s Chang’e 2 Lunar Orbiter?

        They are in polar orbits, so they have photographed every inch of the moon’s surface. The resolution is so high that you can see the lunar rovers and their tracks left on the surface. There are many, many high resolution photos of the far side of the moon.

  2. “Norton said that that this information has been hidden to the public to prevent the breakdown of all religions and society itself.”

    Seems to me; it just may be what the Dr. ordered! Religion is out of control at the moment, influencing our governments and responsible for most of the wars and conflicts taking place on earth.

    Let Religion go the way of the Doo-doo, and society may crumble a just a little before it re-invents itself and maybe, just maybe; starts to move out of these current dark ages.

  3. We are most certainly under observation and it will not be long before there is a Major occurence/development precipitating further attention of we Earthly dwellers. The skies will be coming alive and there will be great Painc as a result.

    • What makes you say that? What info do you have that some of us don’t have?People have been saying this in one way or another for centuries.And….Nothing happens!!!!!

  4. Here comes that extinction level event that is being talked about. Being light years ahead of humanity, these beings, being capable of reading minds, start snuffing the largest criminal enterprise on the planet; that being the U.S. GOVERNMENT.

    • You don’t think Russia, China, UK, France and others aren’t in on this, too?

      That is, if there’s something to be in on.

  5. I think our government has pissed off one too many species. I believe we may just get a big kick in the ass. Yet I also believe we deserve it. Janet I’ve seen you on this site for years why such the stupid remark to say to Jeff. I think he’s absolutely correct. Have you ever watched “Thrive”? Take a look on youtube. I would rather be invaded by an alien species rather than slowly killed by our own. Those who are responsible for suppressing the truth about other alien species that have visited us so far, hiding free energy and other alien technology will be held accountable. So much suffering and environmental destruction of our planet because of a handful of greedy people. We will find them and they will pay.

    • um, what? i was correcting his spelling of the word dodo!! wtf are you talking about me insulting him for?? go back and read my reply to him again and don’t try and tell me i said a stupid remark.

  6. Me has good intentions….But seriously…Get along? Aliens and us. C’mon, We, people of earth can’t even get along on this blog…or anywhere else. Humans are very cruel and cold and deadly. And we expect to get along with aliens? another sci fi fantasy

  7. I am sorry but I have a problem with the source for this story. SecureTeam 10 has been caught red-handed at least twice perpetrating a hoax. They (he) have not dealt with being caught very gracefully at all. Unfortunately, unless this story can be vetted by a much better source I am going to have call foul on this story.

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