Unknown lights over Aliso Viejo, California – August 2014

UFOs California

Here’s one older footage that was just submitted to MUFON. This one was filmed over Aliso Viejo in California on 25th August 2014.

Witness report: Notice objects glowing in the distance when getting off exit in Aliso Viejo. Three bright lights appeared stationary and in triangle formation. Pulsing. Eventually two disappeared, but the third remained in the sky for a long time in excess of 20 minutes. I have pictures and video of event from the balcony of my house. Heard lots of helicopters in area too. The last picture is taken from thru the windshield of my car and shows the difference compared to a traffic light.

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  1. This is a poor video, No description of what you’re seeing, which is most likely Reflections of lights in this person’s video. Not enough to really say these lights are solid objects??

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