Chile’s Official Video: UFOs Intelligent Control

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There’s a story going around Chile regarding the remarkable UFO video posted on 20th May about the Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon from Chile. The big question behind the video is whether or not UFOs are under intelligent control. The CEFAA is a government agency that investigates unidentified aerial phenomena within the department of civil aeronautics in Chile. Recently, it released meticulous investigation in Academia de Guerra Aérea case (AGA), which is a prestigious Air Force War Academy in Chile that provides training for high-level Air Force officers.

The UFO sighting shows three consecutive formations of unexplained five spinning lights- a straight line, a circle, and a triangle. Three reliable witnesses saw the spectacle at an Air Force Academy, and two videotaped the triangular formation on their phones. Because of some technical problems, the videos cannot be accessed on CEFAA website. When the lights appeared closer, the witnesses have thought where it might land. An experienced and veteran sergeant in the Air Force has claimed to see a “ship” which has a submarine shape and light windows.

The case was investigated thoroughly by the CEFAA, together with its volunteer committee of Air Force technicians, scientists, psychologists, police and other specialists. For every imaginable or believable explanations they can think of, they have already ruled out. Since the “submarine UFO” was seen by the sergeant, but was not seen by the two witnesses, the committee concluded that AGA case involved an anomalous light phenomenon.

To prevent a wider exposure in the story, you need to watch the video and decide for yourself. Does AGA case involve UFOs? Another issue here is to dig deeper how much you understand or interpret the word “UFO” – it is an unexplained object flying or hovering in the sky. The case is incredibly dramatic, and the Chilean government on UFOs has given their productive effort in the world. Take note that all people can benefit as to how the CEFAA staffs contribute to your understanding.

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  1. This is an example of how to do everything wrong when filming something. He’s obviously looking at whatever it is with his eyes, and not paying attention to what’s being filmed on the screen, and he’s all over the place, more interested in talking than filming. A waste of time.

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