Russia UFO Hotspot Update: Developing Secret Warplanes?

Russia UFOs

Recently, there have been clear images that show how Russia develops secret high-tech weapons. But the big question is, what for? One of the things that left the villagers baffled is the fact that there have been six red lights that beamed in the clear night sky. As uploaded by Nikolajno on his Instagram account, it shows an unexplained formation of red dots that are found in different locations in Russia, which are attractive areas of UFO sightings.

russia ufoThe former UFO expert has revealed the possibility that the country, Russia is developing the SECRET prototype weaponry. When the Russian Bear bombers were found on the way to British airspace, there were RAF Typhoon jets scrambled. The bombers were not able to penetrate the British airspace. In fact, they were escorted away. According to MoD’s UFO project, the picture is fascinating. It would be fascinating to find out if the Russians continuously tracked this on the radar. It could be a meteor breaking up, a fireball or something in the atmosphere, or it could be an unusual atmospheric plasma phenomenon.

The space concerned was said to be a UFO hotspot. Therefore, it is an added possibility that such space, where the Russians are currently testing their secret weaponry. During the Cold War, the relations between the West and Russia are at their lowest point. For many years, there have been hot discussions over UFOs sighting that were spotted in the region. Pravda, which is the Russian news publication report, has explained how the strange lights glowed in the Siberian city as a result of the space rockets that separates sparsely from the populated areas. The most decisive evidence so far is that aliens exist were uncovered based on the unseen photos, starting from the Roswell UFO crash that happened 1947.

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  1. Russia and China along with Iran & North Korea have worked for decades to find a superior weapon to take America. They have just signed a treaty to run oil from all the above mentioned countries from and to Russia. They will not be using the dollar soon. Before our next presidential election they will make a move. They have developed “flying sausers” and blue bombs…That is Russian.

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