UFO activity above volcano Colima, Mexico

volcano colima ufo 2015

Here’s an interesting report from The Third Millennium about a strange UFO activity in the sky above volcano Colima in Mexico. This happened back in March 2015.

More info in the video!

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  1. I believe it is something to do with the geology. What is the rock type, strata,etc. Ancient rock types seem to attract these events. Energy is being tapped into would be my guess.

  2. Why is there video of the volcano but only snapshots of the UFOs? And isn’t this one of the best places to use drones? Yes, yes it is.

  3. I wonder why Ufos go so near of the volcanos. What they find there?
    It is very dangerous to get so close.

  4. I apologize about your comment ” Your comment is waiting moderation”.
    I would like to know what I did wrong? Other comments from other people
    in top are also making questions as it is difficult to understand what in going on in the volcanos. If I made any comment that I sould not make could you let me know for next time. Once again I apologize for the inconvenience.
    However all what you explain it is very interesting indeed. Congratulations for the great job on investigation that you are doing. Thanks and regards,
    Francesc Mora

    • All comments are are moderated before being approved. it’s simply to weed out abuse or spamming content.

      So don’t worry Francesc. You didn’t do anything wrong.

  5. The UFOs near volcanos are common because they might “dig” the material for some unknown scientific purposes… or they could be military drones.

  6. it’s not the only volcano it’s a phenomena that occur on a different volcanoes locations as well , it’s like they can really sense when a volcano eruption is about to occur , they are tracking the volcanoes activities .

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