Latest Crop Circles 2015: Tennessee & UK

2015 crop circles

Here are two latest crop circle reports from Europe and United States:

  • Old Gray Station Road, Gray, Tennessee; 21st May

  •  Manton Drove near Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK; 24th May

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  1. Although there are many crop circles that are made from others not residing on our blue planet, these 2 are not. I can count the ways that they don’t even come close. Definitely man made. Sad that people go to this extreme to make up these crop circles. Just let the experts do the work. It’ll be so much better than what man can make and it will have a better impact and meaning with what is really going on earth.

  2. it is obvious this crop circle was man made.
    the spikes are not the same shape. Al the drop circles I’ve
    seen are almost perfect in execution.

  3. They both look Earthman made.Specially the one from Tennessee, not accurate n symetric enough. Can be made in 1 night, 2-4 persons easily….Btw, one can always see how the straws are bended, when it is ET’s work. Scientist have been checking these ‘bends’.. Have NO explanation yet…Suggestion, all the Earth made ones, don’t show them here, too lame (sorry)

  4. Some cropcircles are pretty impresseing, but it’s hard to believe that they are made by someone from a place 100.000 years away in travetime, come on

  5. Yes I have seen 3. Had no functioning Camera in 1999 unfortunately. Seen half way across Dover straights towards Calais Small Balls of light, Changing colours . Stationary for 5 mins then went straight up. Also seen on Road Camera when looking on A74 to see how deep the snow was. It went flying by v/fast alongside road and field fence away from me. Yes they are here.

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