Nick Redfern on the Roswell Alien Slides

nick redfern

Nick Redfern is a paranormal writer and investigator. In this recent interview, Nick shares his personal experience with the promoters of old slides they believe may depict an alien. He also talks about some of his history and what is in store for him in the future.

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  1. If you do not believe go to Google for this ” UK police detective on UFO cover up ”
    or ” PROOFOS UK sightings data base “” Tks Dave Thanks for your input too.

  2. this is the kind of shit that makes head spin,any serious person can not take them seriously, in my opinion. This propaganda puts critical thinking about this subject back to the days of swamp gas,Venus and so on. Not every bone found in central and South America is a star child. This is the story of crying wolf when someone actually finds the one it will be buried under all the money scams through out time? How can anyone argue that what is seen today in the skies all over the world is not proof,we need real good equipment and real serious people looking in our skies 24/7 and we will have proof within days I believe? Just like any other discipline if we came together as one for the goal of here they are and you can’t deny them anymore? Not the first to write a book ,or any other bullshit notion of fame. This should be the number one goal of everyone who cares about this,not just for us now but our children’s children? These objects will either be our saviors or our end? But I sure would finally like to get to the bottom on this subject? I’m 98% sure that something that uses technology that we don’t use everyday are in our skies. I live 10 miles away from a power plant that’s nuclear, and I believe that either there interested in these or somehow a side effect of these power stations somehow open another dimension or some shit, because I have seen and have pics of strange shit that always seem to by flying towards it or away from it?

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