Patent Exposed: The Flying Saucer of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla flying saucer

At the end of the 19th century, the most distinguished engineers and scientists declared that no known combination of locomotion and materials could be assembled into a practical flying machine. Fifty years later, it was declared that rocket ship cannot reach the moon, until Nikola Tesla came into the picture. Nikola Tesla is a futurist man who was described as one of the most incredible yet forgotten inventor. Tesla has been recognized for the development of technology that we ignored today. Having a brilliant mind, he probed into the world of antigravity and flight. He sees the world to have a wireless and free source of power. He described his power generator as the simplest kind – big mass of copper, aluminium and steel comprising a rotating and stationary part. Nikola Tesla’s technological breakthroughs and inventions are so advanced.

There is a recent report by Rise Earth regarding the interesting patent which Tesla submitted, entitled “The World’s First Flying Saucer” with a pictorial design alongside. The post appears like an illustration of a UFO you usually see in the film by Steven Spielberg. The most striking part is the fact that the patent was filed one hundred years ago.

Nikola Tesla is one mysterious and innovative man who ever lived. If he hadn’t researched and invented, technology is not as good as today. Aside from having a brilliant mind, his peculiar aircraft called “the world’s first flying saucer” have matched the description of UFOs, which has a discoidal capacitor in order to provide thrust to fly, and on the other part is a small capacitor to control the flying saucer’s direction.

Nikola Tesla was the true inventor of fluorescent light, radio, and the man who gave the world to the electric grid, he is barely remembered because he kept on selling his patents to Edison, J.P. Morgan and Westinghouse to pay for his research on wireless power, gravity control and the aether. Later, he was broke. The lack of funds has led the abandonment of his developments.


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  1. The term “Flying Saucer” was invented by the media in 1947 to describe pilot Kenneth Arnold’s sighting. Tesla wouldn’t have used the term in the 19 naughties. Then there’s having radios in aircraft for another decade. Seems to be a falsehood this report.


      “It was popularly believed that the mystery airships were the product of some genius inventor not ready to make knowledge of his creation public.[5] For example, Thomas Edison was so widely speculated to be the mind behind the alleged airships that in 1897 he “was forced to issue a strongly worded statement” denying his responsibility”


      • Some crew claimed to come from Mars… so perhaps the term “flying saucer” was not around, but the idea of “ufo” was there !!
        Theses UFO showed from 1886 to 1897 …

        (Tesla came in usa in 1884, left Edison in 1886 )… so ? real ufo, man made? secret aircraft ? or blimp?

    • It must be the people who wrote the article about it that called it “The World’s First Flying Saucer”, because you’re right, that term wasn’t used until 1947 when Kenneth Arnold reported his sighting. I believe Tesla really did design this thing, but he couldn’t have named it what they say, that had to be the people who wrote about it.

  2. Ovni, you are right about the press promoting the term ‘Flying Saucer’ from a comment Kenneth Arnold made in his 1947 Mt. Rainer sighting. But where did Arnold come up with it? Could it be that the science-savvy public (who would be following guys like Tesla, the atomic physicists of the day, like Einstein, Oppenheimer, Goddard rockets, and such) might have heard the term from an earlier Tesla story? In the end, we should be able to clarify it; obviously there’s a lot of UFO activity happening since the 20th century; now, it’s getting more and more apparent that ET is indeed here. but I’ve followed Tesla for years and this is the first I’ve heard of this. Vicktor Schaumberger had an early disk, as did others, including the Nazi Bell. Damn disinformation!

    • Kenneth Arnold did not come up with it, he described them as looking like saucers skipping across the sky, it was the press that came up with the term “flying saucer”.

  3. Tesla was a genius inventor but a lot o folklore and hooey has accumulated around his name. I have researched him for years and see inaccurate info in this article and lots of wishful thinking. He would not have used the term flying saucer, that is an anachronism. His power generator had no moving parts but worked entirely by induction. He never sold patents to Edison, who in fact refused to accept Tesla’s concepts, nor to Morgan who sponsored him and then withdrew funding, but did fund his research by selling patents to Westinghouse. Who drew the saucer illustration on this page? Not Tesla, I am sure of that. This story is 100% wishful thinking.

  4. Maybe it was a mix of both Tesla’s Foo Fighters and aliens’ those pilots were seein’ in the 40s!

  5. I think the confusion about that name is due to the poor English by the writer of the articles on this website. I think he must have meant that whoever wrote the article about Tesla’s design is the one who called it “The World’s First Flying Saucer”. No offense, but whoever writes for this website does not know English very well.

  6. wy do every body say that they are extra terestrial ? no body ever though that they could be ancient civalisation that evlved here on eart . after all our planet as ben abitable for about 1 billion years

  7. Would like to know Patent date the patent number of tgis Fkying Saucer TESLAS PATENT? Know, that in the 1950s Ryan Aircrfat(the same company that made Linburghs Sprit of St.Louis airplane) A companty now defunct. Had an inhouse nesletter with a Saucer shaped aircraft useing TESLA COILS as proposed high altitude aircraft! SOOOO??? if spmeone can please contact Dr. Lujobo Vucovic M.D.,, Tel/Fax 718-417-5102 Send him a copy of this patent! Hes the President of the TRSLA MEMORIAL SOCIETY there website. Iam a Board memebr Dr. Edson Andre’ Johnson D.D.ULC Thanks!

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