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Your UFO reports: 2nd May– 9th May 2015
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San Gwann, Malta – 10 th May 2015
Walking to the car leaving our grandmothers house I looked up and instantly noticed a very distant bright object flying at fast speed, it was not a plane as it was too far out in the atmosphere and it was not a satellite as it was going to fast and at perfect constant speed and in a perfect straight line, eventually it got to a point where it flew further into space until we couldn’t see it, a few seconds later we noticed the exact same object at same speed coming from a what seemed to be perfect 90 degree angle. Basically one object was traveling from the north and the other from the west, the second UFO dissapeared further into space where the previous one had. Same location. We are most certain these where UFO’s. Unfortunately my phone was dead with no battery an my partners phone didn’t capture anything as it was too dark.
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Talamban, Cebu, Philippines – Wednesday May 6th, 2015
Hmmmm, can not explain this one! I was outside last night with the neighbors & one of their friends. We had been sitting around the outdoor table talking for about 30 minutes when one of them said “Oh” what’s that? As i turned to see what she was talking about i noticed she was looking straight up. I then looked towards the sky also. What i witnessed along with the 5 others was several lights maybe five to six in total in the shape of a boomerang or triangle. The lights appeared to be at high altitude & travelling extremely high speed, If this was a single object with an array of lights it was huge, however it may have been several objects flying in formation. One thing for sure is the lights were not in a normal flight-path for aircraft traffic.This all happened at 18:41pm (GMT+8) & using the compass on my smartphone i determined the lights were travelling from south to north until they disappeared. Bizarre?????
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Chattanooga, TN – May 4 2015
Chattanooga ufoI was randomly taking pictures of the sky because I saw on tv (h2) that we don’t always see ufo’s but if you use your camera you can see them.  So I took it back home to look at them.  Could it just be a reflection of the sun? I’m not sure.  We were on our boat on lake Chickamauga around 6:06 pm. We live close to the sequoah nuclear power plant. I have more pictures.
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Netherlands city Almere-haven – 03-05-2015 23.45
While watching a movie i notice a bright light outside. I stared a moment and could not place it as a star or satellite. It moved west or down and in the end northwest. It starts flashing and its gone. I do not know what it was maybe you know?
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Arvada 58th ward rd – April 29
Heard a loud sonic boom sound the sky change color then I saw this
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Cheadle, Staffordshire, UK – 6/4/2015
cheadle-ufoI was in my garden on the 6the of April at 10.59am. I saw a contrail moving at a fast speed with no sound I thought it was odd so I got my video camera and I took some photos. I noticed that there was an old object by the contrail I saw two other objects appeared they started to change shape into a trangle shape Then the objects started to spread out a and vanished.
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Doylestown, Pennsylvania – March 3rd, 2015
It was around 5:03 PM EST that I saw this UFO. Heading South, leaving Doylestown thru Main Street onto 611 I saw an object hovering, just to my left. As I approached the roundabout & came up onto 611 it had disappeared. For the next 7 or so minutes I fidgeted around to see where it had gone to. As I began to ascend up Warminster Hill(about where Snyder’s Funeral Home is) still heading South on route 611(Easton Rd) it reappeared before my eyes in the exact location I had last seen it; only hanging around for about 20 seconds this time, before it faded out leaving a blue, cloudy sky. I am unaware of how long it kept its self visible during my first sighting of it, but this was at rush hour & I feel there is no way I was the only one to have noticed it.
It was a metallic, extremely shiny flat-sphere shaped disk. The bottom seemed to come farther out then the top(cockpit?)
Unfortunately for me, I am awed at the most simplest things & I did not think at the time to snap a shot. Instead I just smiled & tried to get my sister attention away from driving toward the UFO but she was responsible enough to dodge all the pot holes, instead & missed out on this cool experience. I now have a feeling the government keeps pot holes in PA specifically so we don’t look to the sky. (-.-)
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Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. – tues.6.jan.2015.
This was no.3,alien Celestial Rainbow Starship filmed,about 6-00pm.,about 2mls,to W.See my film on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,MVI-5603. ,or if censored,scroll to url.Pic’s.,are craft a few weeks later!Robert Newton,19mls.,E,of Liverpool.
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Stourhead, UK – 07-10-2011
I just tried sending you a description of a UFO that I have filmed but it wouldn’t work on the other site hence me sending it here.
A few years ago I filmed a UFO using night vision equipment and a tripod. Are you still Yukon night vision ranger and a tripod.
My friend KEVIN and myself were up at white sheet-hill near Stourhead , Somerset Wiltshire border.
We noticed a very big bright or hovering below the clouds. The Cloudbank was very good because it gave us a good reference point. The subject is not a plain flour penis the moon remind control or helicopter.
Would be really good if you could take a look at it and let me know your opinions good or bad.
To this day we have no idea what it was that we filmed. It was particularly interesting around the three minutes 40 mark when it starts to disappear.
Please can you watch the whole of the clip as I did my best to try and get reference points in as well from where we were filming.
This is not my first UFO encounter this is my eighth but nonetheless still strikingly amazing.
Please could you put this clip on your site as I would welcome any feedback from all sources as to what they think this could be.
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