Another extraterrestrial spacecraft sighting filmed over Florida 8-Jun-2015

florida ufos

Here’s the second footage of a UFO activity over Florida on 8th June 2015. This one happened in Poinciana.

Check out the other video filmed over Sebring here.

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  1. “A” for effort, but a very bad film. bad focussing. cell phone camera? i know, sometimes it’s all we have at that minute.

  2. I’m impressed! I saw the craft overhead coming down my street close up in Phoenix 1998. This looks similar from under the craft, quite startling.

  3. First, seems way too convenient, secondly, why no Zoom on the flikering object above the alleged formation and lastly, it would be helpful to see the “Exact” terrain/scene in Daylight. Not saying, not a UFO but as I said appears entirely too ‘Good to be true.”

  4. Sebring Florida is SW of the Avon Park Bombing Range operated by the US Air Force. As a kid living in Lake Wales 25 miles north I saw the same thing many times. Flares dropped by bombers making practice runs at the bombing range.

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