Alien vessel in the sky above Sebring, Florida 8-Jun-2015 UPDATE

Florida UFO

Check out this amazing footage of a two separate UFO formations withing 15 minutes of each other. This happened over Sebring in Florida on Monday, 8th June 2015 at 9:45 pm.

Here’s the second footage from a different person:

Witness report: I was watching the hockey game and observed three lights in the sky towards the NE. They were orangeish in color, they remained at the same brightness for several minutes and then faded out one at a time. I went back into the house to get the dogs for there walk and when I went back outside two lights were visible. I called for my wife to come outside as she had done on the first sighting. Again they sustained their glow for a few minutes and faded away. I thought I observed smoke trails above lights but they were not descending, as if held aloft by something. I first thought they were fireworks but they hung in the air too long. Maybe military flares?

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  1. why did your friend tell you not to tell people where you are? if you’re putting up a video for the public, why would he have said that? and why do you say the air force would not engage? and where is the air force in the video? the sighting you have seen is very typical of many others. bright, unmoving lights that just fade out, and re-appear again. no not flares.

  2. My Facebook was blowing up last night with comments, pics, and video of these exact type of lights being spotted over Orlando, St. Cloud, Kissimmee, and Poinciana and a few people saying the lights were seen in Delray Beach and West Palm Beach. Unfortunately I didn’t get to witness first hand because I was in Ft Myers working but you can believe I’ll be watching the skies tonight!

  3. I saw these as well.3 fiery orange-ish glowing lights in a triangular formation.Not sure if they were moving in any direction,however they seemed to descending into the horizon.They then disappeared one by one like dying flames.There were no flashing lights of any kind.I live in Poinciana Fl.,part of the Orlando/Kissimmee area,I was looking towards the south when they disappeared.

  4. Interesting, we are currently trying to investigate this as I live 2 hours from Sebring an we saw the SAME THING! Keep up to date by checking out are local group.


  5. Apparently there’s been a lot of other people that witnessed the same thing. My friends saw the same thing. I posted it here:

  6. we know they are real and they dont go away they just switch on the camouflage, why dont you use a tripod??

  7. My wife and I saw those same lights around 9:30 pm. there were the three triangle lights as posted above except for one other thing. For roughly 15 to 20 seconds there was another three lights in proximity appearing on the south side of the first three. The second set of lights were in a delta formation. Anyone else see the second set? They vanished in a heartbeat.

  8. It looked to me like they were out of focus, you should be able to get them down to points of light, very clear. They looked that big because they weren’t in focus.

  9. my husband and I was sitting on our back patio and saw them just turn on there with 2 sets of 3. The first set turned off or burned out after about 3 minutes and the second stayed for about 5 to 6 more minutes just suspended and not moving. we live just south of St Cloud and video them

  10. Hubby and I saw em too out in St cloud. It was nuts. I don’t believe in aliens but something wasn’t right about those lights. We watched for a good 5-10 min til they disappeared.

  11. My husband, son and I took a video of the same thing Monday June 8th around 9:30 or so..Two sets of lights..we are in Kissimmee just south of Orlando Intl Airport..looking south towards East Lake Toho we first thought it was a plane but they stayed in same spot and no slowly turned and lights went out on one and then second one stayed for another 3-4 min turned and lights out

  12. I was in Florida with a drink to buy at a counter and a man walked in with silver shoes and said his grandmother was watching tv. I asked the strange question why and when does a pilot not become a pilot and few have asked there is no solution, however,.. somethings from the future are quite shocking to the person who knows what they are looking at::



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  13. I live in Kissimmee there just privite space craft test launches from the cape its the only way to keep mass open since the shuttle program has been scraped. I’ve seen rocket contrals early in the morning coming out the tops of clouds with no need of anything beeing advertised on Tele.keep v an open mind were thousands of years advanced then you think what you can think of had all ready been done .

  14. Last night 11/16/2016 at around 7:15 pm I happened to look out my sun room and noticed 3 large lights in the sky over N.E. Sebring, Fl. My partner went outside to get a better view. From where I was looking, through the window, they appeared to be in a straight line but he said they were in a triangle. Shortly after he went outside they slowly faded away first the one on the far right, the middle then the one on the left. There was no sound, no sign of movement.

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