New Evidence Claimed by Retired Air Force: Why Does it Lid Off Rendlesham Sighting

Rendlesham ufo

Do aliens genuinely exist? If so, why are there no bodily evidences? For decades, mankind has been asking questions about additional terrestrial beings. At first, sightings ended up attributed to deities or angels and far more not too long ago as strange objects. It is not until the advent of present day technology and flight that people have started to name them as unidentified flying objects.

According to retired Air Force colonel, he obtained new evidence to give light on the most notorious extraterrestrial reports in history – the 1980 sighting in the UK. Col. Charles Halt has gathered sworn statements from controllers of air traffic at Bentwaters in 1980. He claimed to see a UFO on radar performing implausible aerial maneuvers. Unfortunately, they were afraid to talk about their sightings until they retired. There are also a lot of people trying to support his statement with the purpose of strengthening his extraterrestrial sighting.

27 Dec 2980 ufo

However, Halt is disappointed towards the inaccurate information that spread about the Bentwaters incident. Among his disappointments are the key government files about the case. In the year 2011, the UK revealed thousands of previously strange or extraterrestrial sighting documents, but the Rendlesham Forest sighting strangely vanished. He further added that the result does not surprise him at all maybe they were taken anywhere. He believed that it is how it works.

The following piece from a 2007 documentary includes a recreation of that eye-shaped glowing item moving through the Rendlesham Forest as it appears to ooze molten material. Halt is asked if a cover-up policy is a wise decision, he answered negatively. According to him, people should know the truth because cover up will not make a difference. For instance, alien lands in Washington whenever, what difference does it make? People still have to pay the mortgage, go to work, unless dramatic will happen.

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  1. British and Americans never count in “meters”. In paragraph 1 of the document, they use meters, and in paragraph 2, inches ?!
    Most likely a forgery IMO.

    • We brits do use both metric and imperial measurement. We are odd like that. Having invented imperial but also being close to mainland Europe, it kinda makes sense and seems to work.

  2. JMB the document is definitely authentic, although I understand you scepticism. The Rendlesham case has been well documented over the years and one witness has recently received government compensation for radiation related illness, or so I understand.
    BTW I believe that Rendlesham has a terrestrial-military explanation, especially considering the location (close to Orford Ness and Porton Downs, both known areas of clandestine research and testing).

  3. This – and my own sightings over the years – is what makes me believe the whole UFO phenomena is actually proof positive.

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