Daytime Orb over Sao Paulo, Brazil 24-Jul-2015

sao paulo ufo

Here’s one daytime sighting of a metallic sphere hovering in the sky above São Paulo in Brazil. This happened on Friday, 24th July 2015.

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  1. Strange. The object seems real and perhaps five sided? It does not react like a balloon and seems to be fascing the same way throughout the vid, but that could be wrong. The pixels were jumping about a bit.
    It would be interesting to hear what others think it is.

  2. These balloon UFO’s have become popular in Mexico, and South America. There’s no need to photo shop anything, just release them and film them. I wish they’d stop doing this, it doesn’t help anything.

  3. My husband and I saw the exact same thing hovering over the “Serra do Mar” (mountains that run parallel to the Atlantic Ocean coast) in Parana State, southern Brazil. It moved slowly towards the capital city.

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