Stephen Hawking: Did He Change His Tune On Extraterrestrials?


The alien history of planet earth is deeper than we could ever imagine. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has cautioned people that no one would want to meet extraterrestrial creatures. On Monday, however, Dr. Hawking tossed his support behind the $100-million Breakthrough Listen project of Russian tycoon Yuri Milner. This project plans to hunt space for signs of extraterrestrial life communication.

Things like this boggle the mind of course because these things make you oscillate from a sceptic to a believer and everywhere in-between. While he previously released statements regarding the cautions on communicating with the aliens before, provided they exist, would be devastating and catastrophic. However, it seems that curiosity has gotten him. On Monday, Dr. Hawking said that today is a time to commit to the search for the answer. He is referring about seeking life beyond Earth. Certainly, listening is different from speaking. As for the Breakthrough Listen project, it is not inclusive to new plans in broadcasting signals into space that would invite extraterrestrials to find people.

Both Mr. Milner and Hawking revealed that their ten-year project involves scanning for radio signals along with the world’s largest radio telescopes. It also includes listening to star system signals nearby earth and its one hundred closest galaxies. Breakthrough Listen is designed to search for intelligent extraterrestrial life that possibly exists in the Universe. It was being portrayed as the most all-inclusive search for alien communications. However, earth’s evidence that simple life can flourish in environments unfriendly to humans, as well as the sighting numerous planets orbiting stars, has added energy to the effort. The breakthrough of extrasolar planets has paved the way to estimate the Milky Way holding billions of planets routing within the habitable zone.

In a documentary of 2010 Discovery Channel, Hawkins said that if aliens visit humans, the result would be much as if Columbus landed in America – not good for Native Americans.

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  1. At last, the public may get involved with this global telescope idea. We are explorers by nature and we need to go where no man has gone before. There may not be life as we know it out there, but at least we can say we tried. Who knows,at the rate we are abusing the Earth, we may very well need another planet to ensure our species survives. I just hope that if we do find such a place, that we will have learnt a lesson and we look after a new home. That’s the goal really, to find an alternative ‘home’. Scientists and researchers are all too aware of how fragile our existence on earth is, not only because of our own folly but because nature is a force we can never compete with.

    • Hawking is considered a brilliant astrophysicist. Well, he doesn’t sound so smart in regards to the ET reality. As one who has seen a real live, physical craft, witnessed by two others, clearly of ET manufacture and super, non-ballistic performance, I know they are here. But the thousands of witnesses, who corroborate one another across the world, cannot all be hallucinating (or lying), so it is an ignorant position – an un-educated one – that cries they are not here, or cannot get here. These beings, who are between several thousands to perhaps millions of years ahead of us, behave in ways we cannot comprehend or relate to. They will not communicate with radio waves, where there are technologies we have yet to discover – most significantly artificial gravity, which they use for much of their scout craft needs, including propulsion, cloaking (invisibility) and tractor beams.

  2. I get the point he makes about Columbus, but surely we are a little more sophisticated, both mentally and technologically, as to be able to handle such an encounter?

  3. Hummm, I thought we were already using our Radio Telescope abilities to scan the skies in search for aliens. It is Carl Sagan’s “SETI” project. The “search for extraterrestrial intellegence” has been ongoing for years…

  4. hasn’t SETI been doing this for years and has enrolled anyone who wants to listen with them to go to the SETI site and hook their computer with SETI’s??????????????

  5. I had special moment in my life when I was thirteen years old. As a Boy Scout of America, while camping with our Troop 113 in Chinwannakee Camp in the high Sierras near North Fork, California. My two older brothers were out doing compass readings, and they left me back at the campsite alone to keep an eye on our belongings, cause other troops were into stealing property from other troops tents.
    Something very rare happened to me as I was cooking a lunch meal from my backpack. The next thing I do remember was waking-up at the camp hospital with our troop master standing over my bed.
    ” Where have you been Steve, we’ve been looking all-over for you ! ”
    I didn’t even know I had been missing…I told Mr. Tinker in a surprised tone ! Mr. Tinker was a very tall guy, and I started to have strange flashes as he and my brothers stood beside my hospital bed. As Mr. Tinker kept speaking to me…my flashes kept blocking his words as he spoke to me. My older brother was standing near the top bedpost, and he kept looking at me with a scared look I’ll never forget. Were the HELL were YOU STEVE ? We searched for you for 6 hours, and we feared the worst had happened to you.
    My brother Bob found me near a creek sleeping, and the creek was 3 miles away from our campsite.
    I told my brothers and Mr. Tinker, that it felt like only a hour had gone by. I still to this day, do not remember how I got to the creek and I do not remember walking to the creek !
    As the years have gone by, I have special small moments when I get a flashback of a tall thin man touching my forehead as I lay on a table or something. I remember this tall thin man had no clothes on, and he didn’t move his lips, and yet I could hear him speaking to me.
    This event happened over 51 years ago, and still to this day I do not remember how I walked to this creek where my brother found me sleeping, or who this tall thin man was ?
    I do believe I was abducted by somebody or something ? My moments of flashbacks are for a few seconds, and they are vague mysterious moments in my life, I can not piece together ! I wish to be put under hypnosis by an expert, and get to the bottom of this mystery that has haunted me for the longest time. To this very day I know I have been followed by strange looking UFO’s, and I even have a photo of a UFO that I know was watching my brother Bob and I, as we were visiting a Federal Forestry Campground near Redding California. It hovered over the lake called Whiskeytown Lake near the Shasta Trinity Alps near Redding California. The UFO seemed to know that we had noticed it hovering a few feet off the water, as my brother lifted his camera to take a snapshot of the UFO, is shot away in a upward angle in instantaneous accelerated speed. My brother yelled-out ” Steve where is it ? ” I can’t find it through the view finder ! That sucker TOOK-OFF like at bullet speed ! My brother did capture the UFO in the photo ! The UFO some how knew we were going to take a photo of it, and it VANISHED !

  6. What a disgraceful waste of money when we have so many immediate problems here on Earth.
    Hawkings hasn’t changed his tune, by the way. He doesn’t believe we should send out signals and try to communicate with extraterrestrials because of the possibility they might be hostile. What he proposes instead is that we should be listening for them, ie receiving only.
    Regardless, I think there are far more urgent and worthy things to spend a hundred million dollars on.

  7. Hawking says we wouldn’t want to meet aliens? How does he know?Is he the spokesperson for everyone in the world? Sounds like he has some alien issues! Whats he afraid of?

  8. Adriana, Hawkings sometimes thinks he speaks on behalf of us all I think. Delusions of grandeur!
    He’s basing his fear of extraterrestrials on the history of our own species. Y’know: conquest, plunder, war and all that. And probably all part of the Project Blue Beam thing too, where we are all being conditioned to fear an alien invasion by countless movies and TV shows.
    I dunno, maybe Hawkings is frightened that advanced ET intelligences will make him look stupid??

  9. The late Dr.Carl Sagan with his – PALE BLUE DOT – and Stephen Hawkins with his GRAND DESIGN – know full well that we are surrounded by SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE. This has been so, much before we ever thought of gazing at the skies. Everyone knows that the skies have been gazing at us. The gigantic dilemma of the sages is what to do to catapult humanity to the level of those intelligence, all,at the same time, and of the same quality. First,we will have to face the facts, telling our world leaders throughout history that we have been ABSOLUTELY WRONG and COMPLETELY MISTAKEN in managing humanity. Please read – UNTIL WHEN, MY DEAR GOD, UNTIL WHEN! by Prof. Ram, don’t sit down complaining, let’s get up and do something about it.


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