Huge UFO flying over Overland Park, Kansas 29-Jul-2015


Here’s a new video of a big unidentified flying object flying across the night sky above Overland Park in Kansas. This happened on 29th July 2015.

Witness report: 1) I happened to be visiting FACEBOOk group at the precise moment when [JP] and [MW] were looking for witnesses on something they were spotting at that time. I asked in what direction to look, so, since I live in Metro Area of KC., and I had my Night Vision ready, I proceeded to film at 11:05 PM CT
2) I originally spotted this ufo with the naked eye, as soon as I went out and then proceeded to look for it through my eye piece in my Night Vision camera.
3) Well my first thought was it could or could not be a UFO, because the 1st couple of seconds it was flying in a straight-line path. Then suddenly, after asking for a validation, as if it wanted to make itself known by increasing it’s size, it “Power-up,” a term used in Dr Greer CE-5 groups to get bigger and brighter as a indication to validate it’s existence!
4) The object looks like a fireball aka ball of light, or Orb of light. It actions were the following: flying, 45 degree angels turns, increased in size and decreased in size, the intensity of light was much brighter, and closer, than a satellite. speed to the point it was hardly visual and then suddenly fly towards me.
5) My feels are of content and recognition. Though I do not feel to comfortable when they make the attempt to come closer as they have in two separate instances in the past of these particular crafts.
6) Lost sight because it disappeared over the trees!  

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. The photos tell the stories of thousands of witnesses who have had some kind of encounter or another. That’s why I like your site for speaking up and telling your side of the moment.

  2. those “fake stars” are typical for eastern Europe, as well.
    these are at many above Kiev city – the capital city of Ukraine.
    these are also at many above Australia and Japan.

    why you say “it’s not aliens” if they are discs?

    “fake stars”, hmm…

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