UFO Mural Marked 50th Anniversary of ‘The Warminster Thing.’

westminster thing

westminster-thing-2A mural is a piece of artwork applied or painted directly on a ceiling, wall, or other large permanent surface. A distinctive characteristic of mural painting is the architectural elements of the space harmoniously integrated into the picture. The best illustration for this is the most celebrated UFO’s “The Warminster Thing”.

After a strange sound, and weird flying objects, the market town of Warminster has been the talk of the country for many years. The reports of the UFO, also known as “The Warminster Thing”, came from people who saw the objects and heard strange sounds in the night sky in 1965. Fifty years after ‘the Warminster Thing,’ an important conference event takes place in the town. By a “secret” artist, the mural was organised by the Warminster Information Centre, which implies that such “utterly unique event” is never forgotten.

The Significance of 50th Anniversary

Held over the August Bank Holiday, the 50th anniversary is a one-day event. It commemorates the significance of 50 years after the town received extreme criticisms and curiosities. In fact, Warminster has remained as the national capital of all UFO throughout the 1960s and 70s. Furthermore, it also enjoyed a resurgence with the crop circle phenomenon between 1980s and 90s. The artwork has drawn lots of attention because people are already taking lots of pictures. The occurrence is what the team wants to happen. Leslie Blain, from the information center, took eight months to plan and organize the mural. As to who did the painting, she said it’s a secret, but since the art is still not finished, the curious might catch him in action.

westminster-thing-newspaperPhotos of Warminster’s “flying saucers” appeared in local and national newspapers at the time, giving much publicity. After thousands of people have visited Warminster to see UFOs, a public meeting was held over the bank holiday in 1965.

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  1. To celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Warminster Thing I investigated a UFO sighting and found 2 UFO’s on Google maps. More info with coordinates to see the thing here at reivrivju.blogspot.com.tr/2015/08/ufos-sky-anomalies-found-on-google-maps.html


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