UFO Eyewitness Harassed By Helicopters: Men in Black Documentary

black helicopter

Just this week, a new Australian documentary was released. Such documentary points out UFO information showing the interviews with people who saw the shaky video of odd and lights, with a silvery and shimmering shapes hovering in the skies. However, there is one section of the documented footage that may entice the viewers, and it is the story of Liam Freaney.  Liam Freaney is a married person having two kids residing in Australia. Working as a construction worker, he and his co-worker saw bright stars piling up around a ball of white lights in broad daylight. After watching them, the stars and balls disappear and reappeared. The strange happening occurred just before the objects were being strafed by an F-18 Hornet fighter jet. After the arrival of the jet, once they disappeared, they vanished for good.

A few months later, he started seeing the objects regularly. He even bought a video camera to film in this regard. After capturing several strange objects on videotape, helicopters began to show up and hover low over his house. In a documentary, Freaney gives further details about the strange objects.  He would see and film the object. Afterwards, a helicopter would show up and sit around his house. So he started shooting the helicopters and unidentified flying objects. He communicated with the locals and spoke with the president named Mariana Flynn, telling her what he saw on the videotape. Mariana Flynn also told him that he was not the sole person videotaping the UFOs. In fact, there are many reports of people filming the helicopter.

In the documentary, he admitted giving finally a presentation on what he recorded. There was a buzz about his speeches, but his performances were advertised well. Extraterrestrials are a controversial topic that many are quick to hop on opposite sides of the battlefield on. However, it is also important to consider the totality of the evidence.

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  1. My partner and i have had similar experiences to the helicopter case,with very strange phonecalls as well after witnessing a strange red/orange light over woods near us.The calls themselves and a strange visitor we had asking after me,(i was out at the time),have become quite disconcerting to say the least,lol.

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