Woman Who Drew Alien Star Map Shows Authenticity of Experience


From every corner of the world, and for people of different races, cultures, creeds, ages and occupations, there are tales of alleged abductions. Of course, these stories are not by terrestrial kidnappers looking for a quick cash, but extraterrestrials looking for – well it is not cash. While no two abduction accounts are identical, there are similarities to take seriously. While some detail the possibility, there are those that describe the experience. This falls into the latter category.  It was way back in 1961 that Betty and Barney Hill first claimed that aliens abducted them.

zeta-reticuliThe couple tried to prove their experience by Betty drawing a precise map of where she claims a home for the aliens. Unfortunately, their claims were thrown out by an expert because the latter believed that there’s no constellation resembled on it. However, one expert says that truth is near on their claims. David Saunders, the famous statistician, says that the image drawn by Betty Hill’s resembles Zeta Reticuli, which happens to be a vast star binary system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. He argues that Betty cannot randomly sketch the star map if, in the first place, she never seen it. Betty died in 2004, but she previously shared her abduction story. She was being taken on board. The examiner is the one who did the testing. They were being put into a stool, checked her eyes, nose, ears, and throat. She further claimed that the examiner went on to check her nervous system. The scariest part is when the aliens inserted a needle-like instrument in her navel part that caused pain. The same way goes to Barney, except that, aliens are more interested in his bone structure. The climax of her abduction story is when she met the alien leader. She asked the residence of the alien, and upon replying, he showed her the star map. The made Betty drew the map under hypnosis.

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  1. When I was a kid back in the early 60’s this story got me hooked on UFO’s , although I have never seen one to this day, I believe because of the map of stars.

  2. speaking of ufo’s and the breakthrough project there is the first true contact with aliens, that is clearly seen in that star map. That map is relevant to all humans on this planet. I can read it and show you how to read that map. I sent an email to the breakthrough message and listening agenda and did not even get an answer. Scientist are like politicians they judge you on your credentials if they think you man know more than them they panic…

  3. How May I post pics here? I have a drawing of what I saw…when I tried to take a picture it was messed up then when I went to the ufo reporting site my kindle kept messing up like an old tv set on the Fritz…so when I viewed the object with binoculars I saw exactly what it was…the light that was hanging in the sky first got my attention but when I looked with the binoculars I saw that the light was actually a power source and a cylindrical object was detaching from the light and as it slowly rolled forward I could see it was a disc and the underbelly of it was catacombs shaped lights. Really weird because before this I never believed in ufos.

  4. I was under the impression that the star drawing was not recognized due to the fact that it was drawn from a different perspective… Meaning reversed…she was not drawing it from earth’s perspective.

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