Researchers Unable To Identify Mysterious Flying Object Over New York


A flying object on a video taken off the coast of Long Island left many researchers baffled. A witness recorded a video of the boomerang-shaped object as it moved fast across and brightly lit the sky around 10:30 pm in Port Jefferson in April.

The witness then sent the video to the Mutual UFO Network, hoping to get explanation about it.  According to the witness, he noticed red and blue lights hovering in the sky when he looked to his left. He then reportedly stopped and watched it for a while to determine if it was just a toy.

To the witness’ surprise, the object went higher into the sky and began to travel very fast. The witness took out his phone and started to film till the phone died.

Researchers say that the witness may have just seen and recorded a drone, but they can’t give a precise explanation because they can’t tell in the video the distance of the object from the witness.

MUFON chief analyst for photo and video, Marc Dantonio, said that there’s no reliable way to find out the range of the object in the video, which presents them with a problem in determining the object’s nature. The object could be a small object or a radio-controlled drone or perhaps a plane, Dantonio said.

MUFON field investigator for New York, Joseph Flammer, also pointed out that there are many airports close to the area, but ruled out the possibility of a plane. He said that the object seemed to fly at a level of a drone controlled by a person at night, which supported Dantonio’s drone theory. However, Flammer added that he can’t say the object wasn’t real unknown.

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  1. Well,well well! Where are the Prophets of Doom. All very quiet in the Northern Hemisphere. Down here in South Africa, all’s kosher. It’s September 28th @@7.20p.m. and NO devastation! No collision from space objects or any catastrophe. Just a beautiful Spring evening. So, what else are we ‘in for’ all you Space Prophets? Try understanding the Bible. All the answers are there……§

  2. Interesting video. I don’t doubt it is a drone or remote controlled object of some kind—but I can’t think of anything that is RC that looks like this. It’s not very symmetrical. It’s not a airplane—the ‘about face’ movement eliminates that. If the poster reads this, the article says you quit filming because your phone battery died. Is that the case? Regardless, where did the object end up? Out to sea? Down to the ground? Flew out of sight?

  3. drones are going to ruin sightings. some drones can be very convincing and look like alien ships. this could be or could not be. but i haven’t seen a drone pure white like that. who knows?

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