First Hand Dulce, New Mexico’s UFO Testimonials Makes An Amazing Story


If you have been looking at documentaries on space aliens lately, UFO occurrence, space aliens, and film-making technology are interesting. It is an interesting topic when you are a believer or not that extraterrestrial life visited this planet. However, it will be possible these extraterrestrials are not severely hostile, but they are just overly interested in learning us human beings, and the life we know, in general, so we perceive them to be intruders, especially when you think of alien abductions and unusual implants and cattle mutilations. Dulce, New Mexico may be a place, but lately, it seems, the description is not conclusive. This was being reported by a person who is interested in knowing the realities taking place in human life. The person was fortunate to meet the Arden Tafoya family, and on the second day, he learned that New Mexico is a place where residents became a witness to different strange sightings. Arden is the son of Raleigh Tafoya, who happens to be a highly respected Police Chief of Dulce.

The persons reiterated the report from his wife’s friend whereby a silent and massive delta-shaped object that is capable of emitting bright lights is seen passing in a group of 50 to 75 people when they celebrate Jicarilla Apache. This celebration is for young boys and girls. After sundown, the massive object appeared an hour or so after their traditional meals had ended and after the shamans had finished their dances and chantings. Another event recounted was during the daytime when a saucer-shaped hat possesses a silver object was being seen at around 11 a.m. However, the biggest and most impressive sighting occur in May of 2004 when families were celebrating the feast on a Jicarilla Apache campground, situated in a place near J-33 and J-40.

With regards to the witness’s conclusion to all sightings in Dulce, they are implausible because they were from first-hand eyewitnesses to the events.

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  1. I already donate to your investigatin team which is quite interesting.
    I am a member of Mufon since long ago.
    I am from Barcelona/ Spain and in Barcelona as well as in La manga del Mar Menor which belongs to Cartagena Spain, specially this last one I guess it is a hot spot as I had the chance to see for the first time several Ufos. The one which was more expectacular was one nigh near the Sea in la Manga del Mar Menor at about 1:30 A.M., it was dark and suddently appeared from the Sea 3 red discs, I guess they were extraterrestrials one in back of the other and and when up to the sky and each one when to different places.
    Near to this places there is an air forces Airport which name is San Javie.
    The airplanes made a lot of noice but the Ufos were totally silence.
    It was a great experience for me.
    Hope it helps.
    Thanks nad regards,

  2. Stop posting badly written, incoherent blather like this nonsense – the ‘author’ (and I use that term in disrespect to real writers – sorry for that, as this clown is no writer) cannot even create a grammatically correct sentence, nor capture a lucid thought. Read the article again, then boycott any and ALL websites that publish drivel like this. Shame on you,!!!

  3. in support of the first posting the writer is clearly not english so you need to cut him some slack so he does have difficulty in putting into sentence so all you need to do is understand whats he is trying to say and read between the lines after all he writes it the way he sees it. and if you were in his country you would be just the same as him not understood either . so good work,Francesc

  4. Moebius, congratulations for being an ignorant, xenophobic maroon. Just what the world needs: another arrogant, uninformed human, who stares at the television 8 hours a day. The writer is Spanish. Go ahead. Write a paragraph in Spanish, correct Castillian. Why are some people so obtuse? SMH.

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