California Witness Snaps Triangle UFO


A witness from Yuba City in California reported seeing a triangle-shaped UFO and catching it in two photos while feeling uneasy to be in that location.

The witness went to Boyd’s pump to photograph a thunderstorm and lightning. When he ran out of space on an SD card, he went back to his home and transferred the photos to a laptop. After clearing the SD card, he went back to the same location to take more photos.

triangle-ufoBut, he felt uneasy this time. He got a weird feeling like he wanted to leave. It was quite intense for him, and he felt scared, but he was not sure the reason. When he got home, he transferred the second set of photos to the computer and noticed two different photos that captured a strange and mysterious object.

He saw a yellowish colored light with an odd shape that seemed to be shooting out of a cloud. When he zoomed in on the object, he noticed a triangle shape with a circle and marking that looked like a face on the bottom of it. He found it weird so he reported to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). His testimony is filed in the witness reporting database, Case 71166.

California MUFON investigator John Fegel investigated the case and closed it as Unknown.

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  1. Typical lense reflection, the tip is directly pointing to the source of light, the spotlights7 headlights on the bottom. No reason to be scared 😉 A mufon investigator should be able to indentify lense reflexions!

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