UFO sightings 2016: Calgary, Canada


New 2016 UFO video of a two bright objects hovering in the daytime sky above Calgary in Canada. This was seen and filmed on Sunday, 3rd January 2016.

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  1. Unless you have a very expensive camera and a huge zoom it is very difficult to stop camera wobble. Even with a tripod it’s difficult. Hand held on a moving object, unless you have movie grade cameras, is nigh impossible, especially if you are excited by the sighting.

  2. Why can’t anybody hold a camera still? I can video tape a plane without it going all over the place. The only people to video tape these sightings are the people that can’t hold their arm still? I belive but damn….why can’t we get good footage?

  3. Jet afterburners…..the way its angled and with the way they paint the jets its hard to see but if you look closely you can see it…

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