Conspiracy Theorists Claim UFO Sighting Over An Active Volcano Is Proof Of Aliens Monitoring Earth


The video of a fantastic light moving in the sky during the Christmas Season has triggered much debate online since it was shared on social media.

Webcams installed in Mexico caught the mysterious light moving erratically over Popocatépetl, an active volcano that lies in the states of Morelos, Mexico, and Puebla, in Central Mexico.

Many people in social media said that the video showed a real UFO sighting and additional evidence of ETs that are monitoring planet Earth.

Meanwhile, some skeptical viewers stated that the so-called UFO was just the flare of a firework. The debate got so heated, particularly in YouTube, that the video author deactivated the comment function.

The Popocatepetl volcano is estimated to be 730,000 years old. Its latest eruption happened on October 7, 2015.

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  1. If our elders from space are “MARKING” something for us to be looking into, what might there be of interest to us concerning the volcano at Mt Popocatépetl?

    In the days before free energy velocity power sources, how would an underground shelter system be powered?

    Would there not be a readily available reliable source of energy for a shelter system inside the mountain by tapping into the heat from a nearby volcano?

    Might there be an elite underground shelter nearby that our elders are showing us by flying past MT Popocatépetl?

    Bitch pulled a reverse speech from a significant elite indivdual that indicated a plan to go into a shelter in Mexico. Are we connecting the dots here? Are we not understanding that nuclear waste has just about sealed in the destruction of America?

    Rather than elders monitoring us, might we view their activities as showing us where the elite plan to hide as we are finished out?

  2. Some time the people on here lose me.
    And BTW, you don’t need a volcano, active or otherwise, to tap into energy. Just the earth’s core!
    And who says they are elders? Could be teenagers having a great time, disrupting things here.

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