Hillary Clinton Will Reveal The Truth About UFOs If She Becomes The Next U.S. President


The United States presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton has promised to get the bottom of unidentified flying objects if she wins. Interestingly, she believes extraterrestrials may already have visited humanity.

While campaigning in New Hampshire, a journalist questioned her about UFOs and she replied that she’s going to dig to the bottom of it. If elected, Clinton will be the first female president in the U.S.

Clinton said that she would send a task force to Area 51, a top secret military facility where UFO conspiracy theorists believe out of this world technology is back-engineered.

Clinton’s campaign chairperson John Podesta has previously advocated strongly for the release of all UFO files as the people can already handle the truth.

In 2014, he tweeted about his biggest regret of the year. He said that his greatest failure of that said year was once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.

Podesta was also the chief of staff of Hillary’s husband Bill when he was in the White House and a top advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama.

Hillary said: “He has made me pledge we’re going to get that information out, one way or another. Maybe we could form a task force to go to Area 51.”

When Bill Clinton guested on Jimmy Kimmel Show, he said that he would not be surprised if aliens visited Earth, but added he hoped it would not be like Independence Day movie.

Bill also said that he had looked into Area 51, but no aliens were there. When asked about Bill’s comment, Hillary said: “I think we may have been (visited already). We don’t know for sure.”

When Bill Clinton was president, billionaire Laurance Rockefeller approached him in 1993 to release all UFO files to the public.

The Clintons even set a meeting at Laurance’s ranch in Wyoming in August 1995 as part of the so-called Rockefeller Initiative.

Retired Detective Constable Gary Heseltine said that he was very aware of the Rockefeller Initiative, and both Hillary and Bill were heavily involved in it.

Heseltine added that it was inevitable Hillary would be asked questions about her links to Rockefeller Initiative and he was pleased that she has responded to them. Heseltine further explained that Hillary can’t run away from those links, and she has to embrace it to remain credible.

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  1. And yes, if she becomes President, she’ll comply like all the rest and keep her mouth shut about aliens. No proof etc, she’ll say!

  2. Curious. Haven’t many other Presidents said they were going to check, find out about it, etc, only to have some scary individual(s)show up and say no,that ain’t happening? It’s great about what Hillary said, but….

  3. She is reaching, what a crock! They never let any other pres say anything. Hollow promises, from a congenital liar. Mother of lies.

    • You don’t know she lies, you only hear what the Repubs tell you, and they lie. Even if she does lie, at least her lies never crippled the country.


  5. Hillary, like any other politician will try all the gimmicks that are available to her. Of the population of USA, only a fraction are interested and/or believe in UFO’s but anyway, she’s a trifle late as it was Ronald Reagan who was first to publicize the ‘possible’ fact !!

  6. Interesting as it is, we all remember the last incident were someone took matters into their own hands, things didn’t go their way then.

  7. Just like other politicians, she’ll try every gimmick in the book but Ronald Reagan beat her to it by being very frank and publicized of the possible threat to humanity !

  8. If she is President, she’ll never concede to the public that Alien’s exist. It’ll show her to be without her faculties! Just looking for votes at the moment.

  9. Thats a load of tradh just like her! If the government thought that we the people could handel the truth we would know the truth!

  10. Check your spelling before you call others off tilted names. Stupid is..stupid does. Now to the topic. Many other Presidents wanted to reveal the truth. Perhaps a warning about the mental well being of the people of Earth, could be the reason no President has kept their word on revealing the truth about UFO’s and Alien visitations. I believe there are those people out there that prefer the speculations and not the facts. Do we need see them to believe they exist? And if we did have 100% proof, could we have a normal life? Day to day normal life? Could any of us, sit down have dinner and later watch our favorite TV shows? Or stand in a grocery check out wondering if the package from Amazon is waiting for us at the door? t I would be looking at everyone, asking myself are you one of them? I’m sure there are several life forms and not just the greys or the lizards or the transformers. A little humor helps. Is your neighbor an alien? Can you see that? Neighbors would report their unwanted neighbors as aliens. 911 Help, my neighbor is one of them.
    The President of the United States, will never reveal the truth. But we shouldn’t stop asking.

    • I think you say it´s truth, but not only an U.S president, but all over the world´s presidents. There is something odd that they don´t want to talk about aliens an ufos. I live in Argentina and here it´s similar to your country.

  11. My 92 yr old neighbour is already beady eyeing everyone who goes past his door, (with a loaded shotgun behind it) in case they are aliens!!!He says they walk among us in disguise. I alway wave a white flag when I go past. 🙂

  12. And yes we could handle the truth and meby it could direct humanity towards the right way with life. Not knowing the truth has it got us anywhere…..Lets tell the complete truth to humanity i already know the truth as do many others I still lead a normal life to a degree..

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