Locating Exoplanets & Alien Civilizations – MUFON Symposium – Marc D’Antonio


This presentation that Marc D’Antonio calls “Light Years to Earth,” explores the current state of our understanding of Exoplanets and evidence of Alien Civilizations in our Galaxy, and how these discoveries have sparked an entirely new field of scientific study, designed to find Alien Civilizations that may have managed to bridge the vast distances of space and perhaps may have found us. The expected number of Earth-like planets in our own Galaxy points to the high probability that other advanced civilization share this Galaxy with us. Tantalizing science is before us, therefore, the need to create a Scientifically based search program has become a high priority. Travel across a Galaxy requires circumventing barriers in conventional physics such as the speed of light. The “UFOTOG 2 System,” currently under development by Marc D’Antonio and his team of scientists, is designed to use advanced technology to hunt for what Marc D”Antonio calls the “Skid Marks” of Alien Races, trace evidence of advanced propulsion technology. In simple terms this presentation includes the details of how scientists plan to see these “Skid Marks” using technology, and how they intend to find evidence of visitation using science first and foremost. The “UFOTOG v2” technology which will be presented in detail in this program represents how, in the words of Marc D’Antonio’s and his team, “they are putting their money where the science is.”

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