Ship Near The International Space Station: Is this A Mysterious Object Floating Above?


What are the unidentified flying objects, and what are the reasons for their existence? Are they extraterrestrial vessels visiting the Earth from another galaxy, or they are still a species from our very own solar system? It is hard to say because most people who see unidentified flying objects are reluctant to report it, either because it needs a logical explanation, or they merely think that people would ever believe if they were to share. The footage shows a piece of debris emerged in Russia following the station. It was captured by the ISS’s cameras and had been captured while waiting for delivery. Humans can only describe them and explain their technology regarding their limited knowledge. The reality of the phenomenon might be far beyond anything imaginable. The viewers pointed out that the recorded video from ISS is of better quality than what is seen on the short recording.

Since motion and rotation of the object do not have a similar appearance of an orbit, then it could be Russian spacecraft that is used to carry cosmonauts. The video went viral online, but astronauts did not comment anything. While the footage looks impressive, it cannot escape the viewers’ different contention that would make it as a debated topic. Built by Orbital ATK, the capsule was pushed due to the emptiness of space through an enormous robotic wing on the space station. Once the spacecraft reached from the space station, the engines were due to fire, sending course for a fiery finale in the Earth’s atmosphere. During re-entry, it is expected that the spaceship will burn up in the air. Scientists have long theorized about the possible existence of multiple universes, all of them together making up a set of all possible outcomes of all possible events. While extraterrestrial beings are hard to explain, its existence sometimes depends on one’s belief.

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  1. It is a section of insulation that got away from one of the astronauts who was installing it. I saw a show in which they explain it. Not a spaceship.

  2. I was out on an organised ghost walk on friday 25 march 2016. I was bored with the walk so I spent my time gazing at the stars. I couldn’t believe what I saw! As I was looking at in this one patch of dark sky a rectangular object appeared and within a second disappeared? It wasn’t moving it was almost like it was stationary and made itself invisible. A few minutes later something moving extremely fast moved across the sky it was orange in colour but I thought that may have been a satelite or international space station.

  3. we can only speculate .if we only were told the truth and not fed lies about whats really going on in space .as i feel there would be a totally new history put into writing of who we are and where we came would be a whole new education being taught of who we are and where we came from and maybe where we humans are going as i think that there is world where we live and another breakaway civilisation lives and they have all the high technology thats above top secret and some of that we see is ours and theirs so i think thats more to the truth of things ..our reality maybe more stranger than what we are told to believe…..

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