UFO Lands In Las Vegas?


A man from Las Vegas, Nevada has caught on camera a bright orb UFO that moves without a sound over mountains near his neighborhood. The UFO reportedly landed at the mountain’s base close to the home of the witness.

Steven Barone uploaded the video, which shows the UFO, to YouTube on March 19, 2016. According to the witness’ account, the UFO on the video was less than two miles from his home when he started recording it.

He managed to record the UFO as it drifted closer to his home. The witness was certain it was not a helicopter or an airplane because it was a bright, glowing orb without structures or engine sounds of known aerial vehicles.

He continued recording the UFO until it went down and eventually landed on the ground close to the mountain. The light of the UFO went off as it approached closer to the ground but still visible on the camera lens as it descended to the base of the mountain because of the moonlight.

Although the witness lost visual of the glowing orb after it landed at the base of the mountain, he continued to observe it until it took off after several minutes on the ground. Barone saw the mysterious aerial thing briefly before it returned to the ground and disappeared again.

The unidentified flying object rose into the air once more after several minutes. As it rose higher, the witness observed two UFOs, this time, flying side-by-side. He watched them until they disappeared into the night. Barone claimed that it wasn’t the first time he saw such mysterious thing over the mountains near his neighborhood in Las Vegas, but it was the first time he encountered a UFO incident that close to his home.

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  1. what’s happening with the time right down @ 20:27:32 the seconds spring to 34 than back to 33 than go to 35 an so on an @ the end of the film once more.

    • it seems to be just some numerical glitch. the seconds are still going, but the numbers are wrong. it gets normal again.

  2. I’d rather hear the skirl of the pipes than yon g.. awful sound.
    Looks to me like a chopper, with its tail light showing, when it turns at the end of the video.
    och, away wi you.

  3. The whole encounter, music and all, and the fact that he often sees these things, rather points to a mundane explanation.

  4. I really have to give this video a thumbs up” First thing is the great footage , second is the person doing the filming understands that you have to rest the camera on a solid surface for a steady video. Too bad they were not closer. Great video.

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