Cylinder UFO Over Alabama Caught On Video


A witness at Pell City in Alabama reported observing a large, black, cylinder-shaped UFO and videotaping it as it hovered over a highway.

According to the witness, he was driving eastbound on I-20, just west of Pell City at two minutes past twelve noon on October 21, 2015, when the UFO was observed over the interstate.

The witness then pointed his camera to the strange aerial object and tried to record the sighting. In his estimation, the object is around 80 feet long and about 300 feet off of the deck. The witness observed it approximately from two miles of the interstate before passing underneath it.

The witness could not see any windows of the object, which appeared to be stationary.

The wife of the witness was travelling less than 10 minutes behind him but wasn’t able to identify the object as it had moved away by that time.

The witness reported his sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and included a video that shows the UFO briefly near the end of it. He also submitted a still image from the video that clearly shows the bizarre thing. MUFON field investigator Michael Haynes close the case as unknown after an investigation.

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  1. The many photos that are being sent to the media, proves that something BIG is got happen !
    American’s are prepared to understand. I think our government isn’t ready to say the truth !

    • good lord that is not a boomerang! have you literally ever seen a boomerang in action, or how small they are? i suggest you go find a video of a boomerang. please. educate yourself.

  2. A friend of mine and myself saw a real UFO near Julian, California back in the year 1959. It was around 9:00 p.m. at night. It was hovering over an area in the country where a few cattle used to graze. We stopped the car and watched it off the highway as it hovered about thirty feet off the ground. The UFO was able to light up the area without benefit of outside lights. In the over head part of the dome we saw a red light that pulsated on and off..on and off, etc. After fifteen minutes of watching this weird craft and seeing the craft finally tilt to a 45 degree angle, rise up and disappear into space, we left and sped on back to San Diego. Oddly however we lost three hours? The craft itself was saucer shaped. JUST WISHED I HAD A CAMERA THAT NIGHT!

    • Thanks for sharing Judy
      Awesome sighting and I can relate
      Had a close encounter of the first kind
      Pear shaped multi-coloured lights flashing around the back — blue green yellow red
      Center of the back a larger light orange -yellow light that stayed on
      August 4,1977 Scarborough ,Ontario 8:45 pm
      Could have hit it with a rock

      Also this video may have caught something biological – snake – worm – rod type
      Thanks for sharing this

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