UFO sighted near ISS on NASA live stream


Here’s one new interesting video of a huge unidentified flying object that was hovering near International Space Station on 5th April 2016.

Witness report: After switching to the NASA ISS live stream channel a clearly defined UFO appeared in the upper left hand corner, above the horizon. I was able to take a total of 4 screenshots before the UFO disappeared completely from sight. Gauging that it accelerated away in the same direction the ISS was travelling in, the speed had to be in the tens of thousands of miles per hour. Each screenshot shows the NASA meter on the bottom which exemplifies the speed from a standstill of the UFO to when it is just a bluish dot in the distance. Unfortunately, the screenshots, while clearly showing a UFO in two of the frames, does not compare to what I saw on the 480p resolution (highest resolution offered on the live stream) 42″ screen I was watching it live on. It was so unquestionably real and present. NASA cut the live feed after my last screenshot (the 4th frame in which the UFO had completely disappeared) and the live feed was left down for nearly an hour. The UFO appeared near the ISS at 1:21 p.m. central European time, 5 April 2016.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. OK, so if this is live stream then it may be real.
    There must be many people watching this feed, so why aren’t there more questions asked?
    What do the people who tick ‘not alien’, think it actually is?

    I keep an open mind because if we are beginning to look towards travelling to other planets, why couldn’t a more advanced civilisation be already here, doing the same thing?

    The trouble is, there are so many hoaxers who are publicising CG images, they are shutting out genuine phenomena, making any research and it’s researchers a laughing stock.
    There are too many sighting from professionals to say this is all nonsense, we just need one case to be proved, one little bit of unrefutable evidence, to bring the whole thing out into the open.

  2. I’d be dubious of any sighting being real and not a reflection just before the sun rises on The ISS. Look to the right along the horizon just left of the arm and you’ll see another reflection.

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