UFOs In Low Formation Over Ohio


A man in West Carrollton, Ohio reported witnessing two spinning gem-shaped UFOs and recording them on video moving in formation. The witness was outdoor smoking when he saw the two lights above the tree line around 6:30 p.m. on the 7th of November 2015.

The witness stated that the two unknown aircraft travelled a straight and level flight path from northwest to southeast. The two spinning gems flew without a sound and the witness who claimed to have a military background could not identify the objects.

Though the UFOs were not travelling at an unusual speed and not making abnormal maneuvers, they suspiciously vanishing so quickly after passing the witness’ position as he faced south. The witness claimed that he had been an aircraft mechanic for more than three decades, including nearly five years in the USAF at Edwards AFB. He was confident that the UFOs were not the same to any other usual things he had seen before around Edwards. The witness lives around a 15-minute drive from Wright Patterson AFB.

The witness used his mobile phone video to record his UFO sighting. He zoomed in and out a little to maintain focus, the witness said. Towards the end of the video, tree branches become visible, and the lead craft disappears while the second one travels a little further before it also disappears. One thing that the witness noticed was the spinning in unison. The witness said that he did not have the means to enhance the video and would love to see if anybody could do it.

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