Giant UFO Follows Japanese Airliner


This YouTube video recounts a Japanese pilots amazing UFO experience while piloting a Boeing 747 in November, 1987.

Click play and enjoy.

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  1. Once again the pictures does not match or look nowhere the same you present two different pictures of two different UFOs which makes us the ufo community the laughing stock again and again Quit fucking up the story unless you are lying

  2. being a witness to an orb one sunny morning i say to hell with the scofers they justnot blessed enough for the chance of a lifetime certainly is one of my most cherrished memories i have and wont ever forget the fear excitement whole range of emotions that over took me the moment i saw my orb was freakin increadible

  3. Oh FFS are you two really that stupid? The pictures and vid footage are not of the original sightings. This case is famous and real.

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