10 Ancient Pictures of UFOs & Aliens


Is it possible that humanity is being watched since the very beginning? Check out this informative video compilation of the best UFO & Alien pictures made in our history.

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  1. Ufos and aliens have been misinterpreted for ever and ever. Religion is just something in peoples minds. To me it has nothing to do with aliens.. and aliens have nothing to do with some so called god, they are real, god is not. The proof is in all those paintings. How can people believe in some imaginary man is beyond me,and not believe in extraterrestrials are fools…

  2. going back hundreds of centuries and depicted in paintings, ufos are real, and seemingly, a pretty common sight for those ancient peoples. this is are evidence. i wonder why they are not seen and are not so common anymore?

  3. These paintings, obviously painted centuries back and the people and the painter may have been convinced at the time that they were appearances by God, if not messengers of God, so the paintings would be proof enough and that UFO’s were visiting earth as far back as the time earth will have been formed and they probably know of the answer if it was creation or evolution ?!!

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