: U.S. Government Official Talks About UFO Cover-Up

Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer,
Colonel Wilfried De Brouwer

A US investor, who held positions in the Ministry of Defence and within the intelligence community, has openly expressed for the first time about the information the government has on hand on UFOs.

Working 20 years for the federal government, Christopher Mellon received several awards. He claimed to have visited Area 51 and various other military bases.

His interest in UFOs started as a child when his friend showed him a video clip of a massive disc-shaped, golden object. He then began to read books on UFOs and performed a research project for his university Physics professor.

Mellon doesn’t believe Hillary Clinton will ever get a chance to get access to secret government programs on UFOs if she wins her presidential bid. Mellon shared instances where White House employees couldn’t gain access to Ministry of Defence secret programs. He thinks that Clinton and other people like her may hold high positions for years without getting at secret programs of the Ministry, which mostly involve the development of new weapons.

Mellon also pointed out some incidents involving UFOs when he worked for the government.

A Navy pilot called him one day to report about a UFO circling a fighter. As far as Mellon knew, the Navy didn’t conduct further investigation.

Another instance involved four or five bright UFOs that were captured on the radar in the evening sky. Mellon said that everyone was puzzled, but no government employee gave some interest, even after a TV program, Nightline, showed the images. Mellon said that political correctness resulted in complete lack of scientific curiosity.

Mellon suggested that Clinton should reach out to NORAD and let them perform the research if she is serious to find out the UFO topic deeply. NORAD is a military organization that monitors the U.S. airspace.

According to Mellon, there are many well-documented UFO sightings, including the UFO sighting that took place in November 1989 in Belgium. There were 13 police officers and hundreds of other people witnessed two triangular objects flying in the sky. However, authorities could not give clear explanation even after the Belgian Air Force launched an investigation with a group of scientists and experts from the U.S. and NATO countries.

In another UFO sighting, more than a hundred witnesses, including soldiers and law-enforcement officers, saw a triangular object above England on March 30, 1993. It managed to move away suddenly at a very fast speed from a standstill. The British Ministry of Defense failed to know the origin of the aerial object.

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  1. No need to talk about what Hillary would do IF she wins. She won’t be winning anything and will be watching the election results the night of November 8th from a jail cell wearing an orange PANTS suit.

  2. All of what is said by Mellon is true. Doubt if we’ll ever know the Truth. Either UFOs mean nothing, just an odd normal misunderstood phenomenon, or the actual truth is too horrendous to contemplate.I know what I believe!

  3. Amen about Killary!
    The Belgian UFO Wave back in the late ’80s produced the most famous UFO photo ever. My mind has been set for a while and believe the powers that control this earth are biding for the best time to take advantage of the UFO Crisis. Much like the false flag events that led to the “Patriot Act” and now monitors everyone in the USA. Slowly but surely control is being tightened up here in the USA as well as abroad and using the so-called Radical Islam distraction to tie up the loose ends of that control. A “one world” government is the goal with an unarmed population that submit to it’s superiors. It’s obvious to anyone that has remotely studied History, every Dictator from day 1 have tried to conquer the World…

  4. The Belgian Triangle UAP were also tracked by both ground and ariel fighter jet radar systems… That case, was key no question in Belgium being one of the first, if not the first, to declare UAP were a real, and extraterrestrial Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon, and not msidentified Venus, swamp gas, and weather ballons as had most often up until then, been used to dismiss such sightings. Which, after photographing videoing and witnessing hundreds of UAP myself, I must agree with. No Hillary, if she wins her bid, is most likely to follow a partial disclosure of already known facts, to get REAL DISCLSURE, it will only come by political force from outside the government, people like Dr Steven Greer of SIRIUS Disclosure and Steven Basset of Paradigm Research Group, are leading this fight, if you want real disclsure, support them, and forget about Hillary.

  5. I have had nummerous sightings , as well as factual experiece. Where a creature transformed it self in plain view 5 times.

  6. yet another highly credible military spokesman that says that UAP’s are significant and possibly pose a theat to the people of Earth. If a thousand more high level people come forward will the US government ever admit to its citizens that this is a valid concern for our welfare and just be honest about the subject and their involvement? How stupid do they think we are? Why don’t we demand it? Apathy and submission will be the end of our species. We all need to grow a pair and demand transparency and honesty of those we elect; or throw them out. We are many voices. The squeaky wheel gets the oil folks. Sheep go to slaughter.If the corporations, banks and military contractors are in control then why have a government? Why have laws against Treason if that law is not enforced? Did anyone vote for the National Security Act? Why is the US the only country in the world where its leader “doesn’t have the need to know” its countries secrets? That is bullshit. Just burn the Constititution and Bill of Rights already. They are meaningless. This country has really gone to hell. The entire world laughs at the “great” USA. I want the old USA back.

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