Woman Recalls Horrible Extraterrestrial Encounter: Was She Abducted?

Roy Dutton with 'abductee' Valerie Walters
Roy Dutton with abductee Valerie Walters

A Terrifying experience was recalled by an English woman who believed that she was abducted by an alien twenty years ago. Her alien encounter story will be detailed in a new book written by an expert and author of UFO Roy named Dutton. On July 16, 1981, around 1:45 a.m., Valerie Walters said she was driving home with her two friends, Vivienne, and Rosemary from a night out in Sheffield, United Kingdom. She was 26 years old at that time when a strange light hovering in the sky started to appear that terrified them. Moments later, a massive extraterrestrial aircraft flying directly above their car. Though she cannot remember what happened next, she is certain that there was a beeping noise that made her very sleepy.

As soon as she woke up, she noticed that her friends were gone. So, she came out of the car to look for them. Before she heard a strange voice, the car suddenly disappeared. The mysterious voice reminded her not to be afraid. Her head went red as she felt like she was being vacuumed after hearing the voice. She was already in front of some mysterious beings the next thing she knew. She recalled being in a white wedge-shaped room with two creatures, both with hypnotic blue eyes and shoulder length dark hair. Walters admitted that she and her friends reported the horrible extraterrestrial encounter to the police, but their case was not handled seriously. As with her friends, they cannot entirely recall what happened.

Alien abduction stories are not rare in humans. In fact, the Walters’ story is not the first case. According to the Inquisitr, it started in the 1950s, when people reported having been abducted by aliens in the “UFO Case Book.” In 2005, Donna Lee claimed to lose her baby after she and her husband were abducted by aliens repeatedly. Another man, in the same year, also claimed that aliens abducted him after spotting a strange object in his backyard.

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  1. Because there’s a book deal in this case, details would be sketchy. I’m not buying the book. I’ll wait for Ancient Aliens to sift out the truth from what could have been a bad dream. She reported being in a room with alien hybrids. blue eyes, dark hair. Reported over twenty years ago, right. Would it be fair to say, hybrids are not friendly?

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