NASA Livestream Reveals Codename For UFOs, Conspiracy Theorists Claim


Rumors are flying around the internet as an alleged nervous astronaut may have revealed NASA’s secret code word for a UFO unintentionally in a recent recording from the International Space Station.

According to the viewers of the video recording, it includes some fishy references to the gospel, a word that many think out of the ordinary for astronaut chatter.

“On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel, really around the world,” the astronaut can be heard saying, likely from the voice of Commander Jeff Williams.

Some UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists claim that the word ‘gospel’ could be the code word for aliens, and the astronaut was about to meet some space aliens 250 miles above Earth.

A mysterious dot of light can be seen on the video footage. They say that it is the UFO the astronauts were referring and discussing.

However, hoax-buster Scott Brando, who runs a UFO website, says it is nothing more than a lens flare or light reflection.

He exposes the light source reflection using a separate still from the live stream. He says the sunlight hitting a panel on the ISS causes the light reflection. He further explains that the light refracts inside the camera lens, and the anomaly is then exposed to the projected images.

But the mystery remains as to the possible reasons of the astronaut on speaking about the gospel.

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