UFO caught on tape over Iglesias, Italy


This strange UFO sighting was recorded over Iglesias, Italy.

Witness report: A family of three, in Iglesias (Italy) has been involved into an extraordinary sighting. A flying saucer has literally chased their car for more than 20 kilometers. The UFO was interacting with witnesses miming their movements. At some point the object has split in a dozen of objects, a flottilla. A witness stated that he warned by phone a relative who reached the place of the sighting in a few minutes without comprehend how he did it. Two videos of the sighting UFOs were filmed. The surveys were conducted by C.UFO.M. under the leadership of President Dr. Angelo Carannante. Carannante said the case is also unexplained after thorough investigations

Author: C.UFO.M.

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  1. how do we know what those lights are? we can only go by what the person says. to me, those big lights in a row with the smaller ones, looks like a parking lot.

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