Constellation-Like UFOs Flying Very Low Above Pennsylvania


A man from Pennsylvania reportedly spotted a fleet of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) when he was heading out to his vehicle and happened to look up. He recorded the bright UFOs using his phone camera as they traveled the night sky.

The witness reported the strange event he encountered to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which posted the witness’ account along with the video to their database on August 11 and filed the report as case 78125. Based on the witness’ reaction on the video, he was awestruck of his sighting.

According to the report, the UFO sighting occurred on July 31, outside the home of the man in the small city of Bristol in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A low-flying airplane first caught the attention of the witness in the sky.

When he looked north, he noticed five objects flying straight, but not maneuvering. The report continues that the mysterious objects were moving away from each other. The witness said that these UFOs were flying very slowly underneath the clouds. He also noted that planes were flying around them and across from them, and he found it weird to see a lot of planes flying around at that time.

He went on saying that the objects were brilliant and very close to him. He describes the five UFOs as looking like a constellation in the sky, but just way lower. The witness was able to see the fleet of UFOs for around five minutes before they became out of sight behind some clouds.

The video of the sighting was also posted to YouTube.

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