Watch Caught on Video UFO Above New Zealand


UFO hunters went into an overdrive yet again after a video claiming to have caught a UFO sighting has surfaced online. The clip shows a small black disc-like object floating at a distance, above the clouds, in New Zealand. The UFO disappears after an apparent explosion.

According to the reporting witness, the incident took place on August 2. UFO enthusiasts believe that most UFO sightings have been happening around the time of sunset because of the position of the setting sun.

In the video, the disc first appears just a dot from a distance. The footage also shows a small explosion above the cloud. After the clip was digitally magnified to get a better view, a black dot could be seen as a black disc.

The UFO could still be seen floating above the clouds after the first explosion. Then another burst of bright light in the sky took place shortly before the UFO went out of sight.

Another UFO sighting occurred in New Zealand in March. The event at Tauranga Bay of Plenty involved a glowing object with lights that lit up the entire community. The witness said he noticed a shimmering star changing colors in the sky, so he went ahead and got his binoculars to get a clearer picture of the aerial thing.

He first thought of the object as just a glittering star, but his entire room lit up. Out of curiosity, he looked out from his two-story window and spotted a massive bright glowing orb UFO coming up from a southeast direction.

Also in March, a UFO was spotted near Nelson at Tasman Bay. The mysterious object was seen descending at a speed faster than any known aircraft, but slower than a meteor.

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