Police Car Escorted By A Disc-shaped UFO


Do extraterrestrials exist? This is a question that requires too many explanations. There is too much-documented evidence, witnesses for a rational person to think otherwise. When people hear the word UFO, they categorize them as the little gray aliens that abduct and exploit humans. However, there is nothing absolute because there are peacekeepers, which are those that you rarely hear about. They look more human rather than humanoid, hence, not visually exciting. They are harder to remember since the memories are not that easy to retrieve. A book written by a renowned expert has revealed encounters in Poland. It stated that Polish policemen do not usually report their alien encounters. However, when they do, their reports are unusual ones. On January 8, two police officers returned from a night intervention. They were tasked to calm down an aggressive drunkard in one village. When the job was accomplished, they began to head back to their station. Suddenly, they noticed bright lights in the distance that hovered over the forest. At first, they considered it as a part of the mobile tower, but the luminous object was approaching their car.


Afterward, it stationed over a grove of trees about a kilometer from the road. The object was orange-yellow in color, and it began morphing and altering its colors. One officer felt that something is in the air. When the object appeared on the horizon, they decided to stop and examine it. The officer recalled that it was moving soundlessly, but from the appearance of the object, it has to make a noise as it is apparently generated by the rotor or the engine of the flying machine. They added that it was possible to distinguish the craft hull’s shape. However, strange feelings, darkness, and appearance of the exotic object forced them to drive off the scene. After a while, the aliens began to move in parallel with their car. It was at 4.32 am when the officer recorded the video showing a dim light. Since they did not expect the encounter, they were not prepared to conduct a visual documentation of the incident.

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