Astronomers Alleged Strong Radio Signal From Space: Does It Signify Alien Existence?


Alien existence has become the world’s most controversial topic simply because strange orbs, humanoid creatures, and strange lights has continued to show up. Since witnesses have fought for their beliefs, we are left with questions as to whether or not our government has concealed the fact. The group of Russian astronomers has picked up a strong, mysterious radio signal from the space. The radio signal has become the most controversial object since most people connect it to the possibility of alien existence. The appearance of a signal is appealing because it appears like a sun-like star. The astronomers utilized the RATAN-600 radio telescope. This instrument is a massive radio observatory in Zelenchukskaya, Russia. According to the data, the signal came from HD164595, star’s direction located 95 light-years from the Earth. The fact is intriguing since both the star and sun have the same size, and it is acknowledged to have a planet in its orbit. Granting the resemblance and explanation, it is possible that other planets in this system exist.

The signal is not all that new because astronomers found it a year ago. However, it is making headlines for a few reasons. The fact that the astronomers waited to tell the SETI, it is acceptable that once the signal is found, people connect it to extraterrestrial activity right away. It is going to be hard to confirm what the radio telescope picked up last year was genuine. Discovering a repeated signal after the original detection is strange. Also, it is not clear what the signal was; it can still be connected to a message from another civilization or just an effect of a natural space object.

Before, SETI researchers have been burned by intense space signals like the so-called “Wow signal.” It was a strong radio signal picked up by astronomers in 1977 at Ohio State University. As interesting as that signal was, it has yet to be examined again. So until another signal is discovered from the HD164595 system, the appearance of a signal will not indicate alien existence.

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