Famous Author Says Aliens Have Something To Do With Cattle Mutilation


Jeering public and skeptical authorities buried UFO sightings, disclosed Ben Mezrich, an acclaimed author of books that were the base for Oscar winner movies “The Social Network,” and “21.”

Flashing lights and mysterious movies are creating waves and catching attention virtually everywhere as UFOs are becoming the eye candy. However, believers appear to be lesser in number when compared to disbelievers. Every time an apparent alien being observed in the skies, there is always a debate of whether they are indeed UFOs or just birds and ordinary aircraft.

Ben Mezrich latest book “The 37th Parallel” could likely make waves in the UFO community. According to Mezrich, cattle mutilation is one of many pieces of evidence about aliens.

He wrote that there had been more than ten thousand horses and cows have been found without life and mutilated over the past seventy years. These mutilated animals usually left lying on their sides with organs being removed through what Mezrich describes as precise, circular wounds.

Most mutilated animals have missing lungs, tongues, eyes, and hearts. And, according to Mezrich, this isn’t even the worst part. Nearly all carcasses have been recovered completely drained of blood, Mezrich wrote.

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  1. Some say this is a Satanic cult, others say Aliens. I would rather it be Aliens because if it’s a cult they are extremely powerful and more frightening than Aliens.

  2. Over the years I was in close contact with a British veterinary, a man and doctor with big experience and with expert knowledge. He has sent me several images of unexplained cattle mutilations which he as doctor has had to examine.
    The pictures he offered me reminded me to see just a horror show.
    No any traces of blood, but very clear and ‘laser-like’ cuts were be seen there in the very strange situations.
    Cows which were cut out their tongue, their udder and even their mouth, more even their sexual organs…….
    ALL this took place without any trace of blood, even no any drop was there.
    How hard can a doctors work can be if he was been confronted with countless events of ‘unexplainable mutilations’?
    He just saw with own eyes the so sad incidents, and he decided to send it not only to me, but furthermore on his own website.
    Apart from that he was old and he told about his tiredness to not longer to be able to go on with his work due to his healthy state and its handicap.
    And he urged me to keep on his so hard work which he could no longer do because his healthy restrictions.
    I felt him so close and wrote to him some personal lines….
    Tears were in my eyes when I wrote all this to him.
    By the way in one of his last messages he mentioned that there in South-Britain is a Undersea-Station operated by Extraterrestrials.
    What can I say – I have got to know him as a very honest man with so much power in soul, with so honest power in doing his work.
    And I’ll never forget him.
    Wish all the best to him – though not knowing is he still alive?
    This was his website so far: apfu.org/index.html
    I bow my head to you, dear good soul…..
    Over the last years I went on to reveal the many unexplained ‘incidents’ including the crop circle phenomenon.
    Very clearly I do see the ‘global line’ – which means the ultimate influences for to get the ultimate control.
    Common souls are not able to see all this, although all of even the scariest incidents took and take place, even just right now.
    It’s not visible onto your handy-screen, only visible in reality, but in some kind hidden.
    You need to sharpen your mind, otherwise you will be the victim.
    Whatever I did to reply to extraterrestrial signs, in almost every case I have got a REAL reply, even visible for all the living ‘numbers’.
    YOU is it to think and what you seem to know about your so called ‘reality’ – as just not more than a ‘shadow’ – as an artificially created image.

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