Mysterious Light That Seemingly Sucking Up Chemtrail Raises Alien UFO Speculation


The unidentified flying object sighting video over Paris may have shown a technique from extraterrestrial for clearing Earth’s skyline.

The UFO has been caught on the camera apparently absorbing what is left behind by an aircraft engine. The video shows chemtrail disappearing behind a white light that seemingly moved smoothly through them.

After all the chemtrail close to the white light vanished, it just zipped off and disappeared as well.

The video, posted by YouTube username WTFflow, was reportedly taken on September 28.

The witness claims that he was watching a strange looking light in the sky moving across the sky at variable speeds around his house during the sunset.

At first, he thought it was a helicopter or drone, but he started suspecting the object not to be human-made after five to ten minutes.

WTFflow got his camcorder out and started recording the chemtrail and was surprised by what he observed.

He said that the object hovered in front of the chemtrail and slowly sucked it up.

Indeed, he saw the chemtrail was being somewhat consumed progressively. He was left stunned.

WTFflow is convinced there’s a link between the disappearance of chemtrail and the UFO. He explains that only a small portion of the trail gets erased, just around the object, but it was still a significant part of the trail that disappeared for no reason.

Hey says that the UFO or light moved backward after it absorbed the trail and flew to the west in his opposite direction until it vanished quickly.

Some viewers online are convinced the light could be a UFO, but others say the video is faked using CGI. Another user says that what is shown in the video is a photoshop blurring manipulation.

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  1. I hate to be pedantic but a chemtrail does not come from an airplane’s engine, as seems to be intimated in the above article. The chemtrail material is stored in vats on the plane, and released through pipes etc. into the sky.

  2. Whos the Dick brain who left the previous comment… The white dot is mercury and most chemtrails disappear after a while depending on athmospherics

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