Paranormal Book Author Seeks More Information Of Mass UFO Sightings In 1983

Linda Zimmermann (Amazon link) believes there are more interesting details about the mysterious mass sightings of a boomerang-shaped object in the evening skies over nearby New York 30 years ago.

Linda Zimmermann

She believes some answers are yet to be unveiled. She mainly thinks the missing piece in this entire thing is Connecticut.

The New York-based paranormal book author said that there were sightings in Putman County in February 1983 and the craft in question continued along the Interstate 84 corridor. It was, this time, IBM executive in Danbury had seen it, according to Zimmermann.

The executive said that UFO was bigger than 747 and was floating in the air as if it was on a string.

In hopes of attracting eyewitnesses who want to share their story about the UFO, Zimmermann has organized a UFO conference at the Danbury Library this Saturday.

Zimmermann said that the conference is going to focus heavily in Connecticut. She believes that the state deserves its work because there were a lot of sightings.

It may be a natural assumption that an individual who saw the UFO a generation ago would not be able to remember important details of the event anymore, but Zimmermann thinks otherwise.
Zimmermann said that majority of witnesses told her that they remember it like it just happened yesterday.

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  1. I saw the same huge thing in 1997 as it floated noiselessly above my head at about 40 ft off the ground.
    A never to be forgotten moment for me.

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