Delaware: Flashing UFO Appears To Chase An Orange Orb


A woman claims a flashing unidentified flying object jammed her video camera when she tried to record it.

YouTube user Starlings Of Light uploaded the video of the sighting. The footage shows an unusual object illuminating red, blue and green.
A circular shape of flashing lights appears to form.

Melody, who recorded the sighting on video, said the craft was chasing an orange orb that had appeared earlier.

She added in the video commentary that it was moving in circular motion and producing a humming noise.

Melody wasn’t sure whether it was a military helicopter chasing the orange glowing orb or it was an alien spacecraft.

From the witness’ point of view, it looks circular with blinking lights.

The video was reportedly recorded on a Sunday in the night sky above Sussex County, Delaware in the U.S.

Melody further claimed that she experienced an error with her camera when she initially tried to film the unusual activity. Her camcorder flashed up an “SD card error reading.”

She decided to go inside her trailer with aluminum siding to get another SD card, but to her surprise, it worked fine.

She’s not sure whether the strange craft had caused her camera to malfunction or it was just a weird incidence.

According to conspiracy theories, aluminum can block electromagnetic radiation from ET spaceships.

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  1. WTF you gullible people it’s a drone!I have one the very same with rotating flashing lights.
    Grab a brain cell or two on the way out.

  2. ALL helicopters are loud. even if you don’t hear the chop chop noise and just a loud engine, you will still know it’s a helicopter. this isn’t. i would say a drone since you heard a humming sound. most drones have colored lights to fool people at night.

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