UFO Launches Two Triangles In The Sky Over Wisconsin


Two triangular-shaped craft was spotted in Hudson, Wisconsin hovering with lights on each corner and exhibiting rapid movement. The witness filed a report to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which filed it as case 80030 in the witness reporting database.

The witness first saw a UFO from a distance while outside smoking a cigarette. He saw the craft in the southern sky near Houston launching two small, triangular objects.

The witness noticed a light on each corner of the two UFOs. He saw the two moved very rapidly from south to east, hovered and moved back and forth rapidly in the eastern and southern sky. The strange aerial activity reportedly lasted more than one-and-a-half hour to two hours.

According to the witness’ estimate, both of the craft were over 2,000 feet up and looked to be around 50-100 feet across.

The witness claimed to have made an attempt to get a closer look with binoculars, but they just moved too fast. According to his report, he is a trained Navy look-out but could not just track the UFOs because of their speed. The witness noted that cloud cover limited constant observation, but he clearly saw the unusual objects went in and out of clouds, hovered, and glided rapidly back and forth.

The witness only saw one light as they moved, but observed a light on each corner when they hovered. He is hesitant to share what he just saw because of fear of being ridiculed. However, he was very confident that he knew what he had seen and felt excitement about it. The witness heard no emission or sound during the entire sighting.

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  1. A triangle UFO came over may backyard in 201o Jan the alien came in to see me it was black with a long rad tounge red eye in its fingers are 13in long with long Razer nails it sound like a lion.I just started praying for Jesus to help me …the alien life its print on my bedroom window, it looks like its wareing a crown.

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