Ufologists Claim UFO Sighting Over Italy Proves Advanced Species Are Monitoring The Earth

italy ufo

Members of the UFO community left stun after witnessing a display of advanced interdimensional alien UFO in the skies above Lecco in Lombardy, Italy. Many onlookers believe that the spectacular sighting proves that highly advanced aliens are visiting Earth.

Other UFO enthusiasts believe the UFO technology belonged to Pleiadians or Nordic aliens, an international extraterrestrial species known to be highly evolved and benevolent.

YouTube user Davisito de Zabedrosky with the help of Midolo Corrado uploaded the images of the alleged advanced UFO. The mysterious object was spotted on November 2, 2016, Wednesday.

The images in the video show a large, translucent flying saucer that apparently sighted in the skies above Lecco after emerging from the so-called interdimensional portal.

The video also shows the UFO releasing smaller, bright and translucent spheres or orbs, which believed to be UFO drones.

The witness Giuseppe Filipponi snapped the images shown in the YouTube video and Gabriel Tim uploaded them to Facebook.

Some UFO enthusiasts described the translucent craft as a pearlescent, which looked like a giant disk with a dome on its top. They explained that UFOs are usually seen during sunset because their cloak becomes vulnerable. They said that the craft is more of an interdimensional because it is not solid.

Meanwhile, skeptics dismissed the UFO claims and said that the images were photoshopped.

Ignoring the skeptics’ suggestion, some UFO hunters link the appearance of the UFO over Italy to the series of destructive earthquakes in the country in recent months.

The sighting of the so-called interdimensional spacecraft in the skies over Lombardy happened two days before a destructive quake hit Chile.

Some UFOlogist theorized that alien geologists have been monitoring the increased global volcanic and seismic activity. Others went on to say that UFOs could serve as early warning of approaching geological disturbances and upheavals. They claimed that the alien spacecraft seen over Lombardy was sent by benevolent interdimensional alien species known as Nordic or Pleiadians to monitor ongoing seismic activity in Italy.

Nordic or Pleiadians are believed to be almost the same to humans, making them live undetected in human society. However, ET hunters said that Nordic aliens have Scandinavian physical looks with slim and tall physique, fair skin, and hair, along with their blue eyes.

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  1. The evidence is mounting with what I believe are interdimensional craft events.
    I filmed this in Australia

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